Plant-based Protein Powder

Milk Dust protein powder is full of plant-based protein, free of gluten and non-GMO. Organic ingredients and hand-picked nutrients.

Lactation Cookies Redefined - Milk Dust Bars

Imagine the lactation cookie redefined into a protein bar that tastes amazing, nourishes your body and supports lactation.

Prenatal Protein For Mama + Baby

We took the best of Milk Dust and altered the formula slightly to better suit pregnancy. Amazing taste and hand-picked nutrients.

I love Milk Dust! I’m about 6 weeks postpartum and haven’t started working out yet (waiting to be cleared by the OB) but I have started watching what I eat. With the help of Milk Dust I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, without sacrificing my milk supply! I have struggled with some crazy sweet cravings and Milk Dust satisfies those cravings. I will say that at first I wasn’t sure about the flavor but I was just trying to add too much to my smoothies. I’ve gotten better at making smoothies and the flavor is so good. The straight up strawberry smoothie recipe from the Instagram page is my favorite, better then ice cream. I have a 2 year old and a 6 week and this makes for a perfect fast, easy, satisfying, delicious and nutritious breakfast and gives me that little boost of energy to get my day started. I will also use it as a mid day snack if I need a little pick me up. Thank you Milk Dust!


Verified Buyer

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10-Day Diet Plan to Conquer The Sugar Cravings

Start your free, 10-day diet plan with recipes to help you conquer those sugar cravings, lose weight and keep your milk supply.

"I absolutely love this product!"


I am absolutely loving this product I have been using it for about 2.5 weeks! It tastes amazing in smoothies or just mixed with some almond milk, I feel like I have so much more energy, and I’m not craving sweets as much like I did with my last 2 babies. My milk supply is so much better and I’m not as worried about it as with my last 2.
I am really bummed that I just purchased one container and didn’t sign up for the subscription so I cannot wait for it launch again so I can get more hopefully before I run out!

Miranda Abbey (verified buyer)

"I am pumping 3oz per session!"


Milk Dust has been amazing for easing my anxiety around providing for my baby after going back to work. I was lucky if I could pump 2oz per session after returning to work and after a failed previous attempt at pumping after my second child, I really wanted to prepare myself for the inevitable fall-off of my milk supply after this third baby. However, since using Milk Dust in my morning lactation smoothies, I am consistently pumping 3oz per session! I don’t quite keep up with my baby’s intake at daycare during the day but I’m getting there and my anxiety is SO much less than when I started out!

Miranda C (verified buyer)

"Boosts Your Milk Like Crazy!"


A protein powder that not only boosts your milks supply (like crazy I may add!) AND tastes good?! Jackpot! I’ve bought milkdust before I even had my daughter and I’m one month postpartum now and I’m so glad I did! Such a good way to keep your nutrition in check when your a busy mom of 2!”

Chelsea (verified buyer)

"I became an exclusive pumper!"


I am a first time Momma and had a NICU baby. I was unable to breastfeed due to his time in NICU but I was able to become an exclusive pumper so my baby boy can still receive the most nutritious food out there. I did a lot of research about breastfeeding, how to increase milk supply, and how I could shed the lbs while doing it. I came across MilkDust and I LOVE it! It taste great in my morning breakfast shakes. I have not craved sugar at all since my son was born and I’ve lost 1/2 the pregnancy weight in just three months. I feel good about this product and am loving the results of my milk supply increase! I highly recommend this product

Adeline (verified buyer)

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