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Meet The Founder

Katie is a Precision Nutrition certified coach, a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and mom of 4 boys. She has a background in nutrition, Pilates and Physical Therapy work, as well as a passion for exercise and fitness.

Katie created Milk Dust as a solution for breastfeeding mamas to keep their milk supply while trying to lose weight. She spent years coaching and helping women lose weight while breastfeeding through nutrition, but kept running into the same problems – milk supply and sugar cravings. 

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Our Mission

Milk Dust provides a line of clean, high-quality and nutrient dense supplements and snacks for the breastfeeding mama. Milk Dust offers nursing mamas products that help with weight loss, while also encouraing milk supply. Milk Dust is manufactured in the US and sources the highest quality ingredients.  

 I bought this product because I wanted to see if it was really as good as advertised. Ladies…’s better! On the days I use Milk Dust, I see a marked increase in milk supply and also it helped my sugar cravings! 🙂

 I was only pumping about 4oz combined! I make a smoothie every morning with fairlife milk (for the extra protein) and banana or frozen berries and let me tell you, I pump up to 9oz combined now!!! It satisfies my sweet tooth and it tastes delicious!

I procrastinated for weeks on buying this because of the price, but once I did the math and added up what I was spending on multiple products (bars, supplements, protein products) I’m actually saving money by getting it all in one with milk dust. The jar lasts me about 2 weeks, drinking daily, some days I have 2 shakes. The price reflects the quality.

Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder

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Milk Dust Lactation Bars

The Full Milk Supply Package

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