Breastfeeding requires a lot of time and preparation for new mommies. It is easily considered a full-time job, and there are some awesome tips and tricks to help make the experience much easier. These are popular, tested hacks that many mamas swear by.

Create A Breastfeeding Caddy:

One of our customers posted an awesome nursing station on a rolling cart with our Milk Dust in it. That way she was fully prepared for anything she needed, and with the wheels she could roll her goodies from the kitchen, to the living room, to the couch as needed. Think of this as your opportunity to pack and prep everything you need when you stop to nurse. Snacks, water, remote control, blanket….because once you sit down to breastfeeding, you are kinda stuck. Having a basket or caddy that is easy to carry around or grab is really helpful. Especially if your partner isn’t home to get all the things for you.

What to put in your caddy? Here’s what we suggest:

If you have awesome suggestions of items you put in your caddy, let us know!

Grab a Breastfeeding App:

There are numerous apps to help you monitor your breastfeeding. An app takes the thinking and headache out of remember which side you nursed or breastfed last, or how much you pumped. You can check out a full list of apps to decide which one might be the best for you.

Use Milk Savers:

We mentioned these are great to have in your breastfeeding caddy, and that is because these little inventions will catch the extra milk that comes from the off-side. When breastfeeding, as the baby begins to suck on one side, the other side will also let out milk. This usually leaks into your pads, but you can use catchers to help grab this milk to store for later!

Get a hands-free pumping bra:

Pumping bras that allow your hands to be free are life-saving. You can work on your computer, cook, drive…do all the things while pumping. These inventions are one of the best that ever entered the breastfeeding world.

Store breast milk in soda boxes upright:

Soda boxes with the 12 cans work really well for storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer. There is an in-depth post that goes over all the storing details you need, but save your soda boxes to use. You can also store your breast milk in ice cube trays to make it easier to thaw smaller amounts as needed.

Use quick clean sterilization bags:

These bags are life-saving when it comes to cleaning your pump. What breastfeeding mama has time to wash and sterilize all the pump parts between feedings? When in between feedings, store parts in the fridge if you don’t have time to clean. Then sterilize at night, or after the next feeding.

Use a nursing night light for late-night feedings:

Most breastfeeding mamas have experienced fumbling around and knocking things over to get to baby in the night. By using a nursing night light, you can use a soft amount of light to keep everyone asleep, yet still allow your eyes to see.

Never forget lactation smoothies:

breastfeeding protein shake with mango and peaches

Lactation smoothies really do work wonders for increasing your breast milk and nourishing your body (get our recipe book!). They are easy to make one-handed, and with our protein powder, you can get in the amazing nutrients your body needs to support lactation. Nutrition is the back bone to healthy breastfeeding, and our lactation-herb blend is a unique recipe to boost your milk supply further. Without the proper nutrients, your body has a harder time supporting another life. Lack of nutrients can also cause sugar cravings, which in turn lead to a carb-heavy diet, rather than a nutrient-dense diet. That’s where Milk Dust is your best friend. And, it tastes like dunkaroos, so many mamas say! You can read the reviews on our reviews page, on our product page and on our Instagram.

Get a breastfeeding arm pillow:

An arm pillow is much simpler, but more effective, than the boppi pillows. These pillows don’t require any maneuvering to get baby in place. Seasoned mothers will tell you these little arm pillows are genius!

Hands-free nursing clips:

These little guys hold your shirt up for you, so it doesn’t smother baby. It is actually helpful to wear your nursing tank under a normal shirt, which means you have to hold your shirt up to access through your nursing tank. These little clips do it for you – genius!

There you have the best 10 breastfeeding hacks that make life so much easier as a breastfeeding mama.

Don’t forget that the most important thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to properly nourish your body, so you feel your best. Spending time skin-to-skin and cuddling is also wonderful for milk supply and healing postpartum. Relax, stock up on goodies in your breastfeeding caddy and enjoy a delicious smoothie.