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"I increased my supply within the first week, and I have never felt better! I am pumping less and producing more!" - Angelica

Boob Food Mastercourse

This nutrition mastercourse will transform your milk supply and your health!



How Nutrition Increases Milk Supply

The Boob Food Plan is A Full Nutrition Master Class

Use Food To Reform Your Body

Nutrition is medicine, and the right foods will give your body the tools it needs for increased lactation. 

Specific Nourishment for Postpartum

Not all healthy foods are going to reform and properly nourish your body for lactation. Specific nutrients are the building blocks. 

Healthy Hormone Balance

Nutrition and blood sugar play a HUGE role in hormonal balance. Hormones are the driving factor in creating oxytocin and prolactin for lactation. 

Stop Spending Hours Pumping Only A Couple Ounces

Master-Level Information

Learn what proper nutrition for breastfeeding really is, and how to eat in a way to produce more milk. 

Delicious Recipes

Recipes designed to increase milk supply, so you don't have to create your own recipes. 

Perfect for Busy Mamas

Meal plan for quick and easy preparation for busy and tired moms. 

Emergency Recipes

Recipes and foods you can eat to increase your milk supply fast. 

Stop Watching Your Pump Slowly Drip Milk

Enjoy filling your bottles in less time with more milk!

Easy and Powerful Lactation Smoothies

Milk Dush shakes with a patent-pending formula made with vegan, dairy-free, and high-quality sources of protein that contain all the essential amino acids that promotes milk production and reduce body weight. They include organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein, chia seeds, organic pumpkin protein, and flax seeds.

Science-Backed Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan is all science-backed for lactation to fully nourish postpartum mothers during a time when their nutrient-needs are increased for both healing and feeding baby. 

Backed By Professionals

You get a master nutrition course with research reviewed by medical professionals and fitness professionals. Hours spent reviewing and reading research on postpartum nutritional needs as the foundation of the diet program. 

Increase Energy

The benefits of eating a very nutritious plan means that energy will increase as well. No more extreme brain fog and exhaustion. 

Safe Postpartum Weight Loss

Eating such a nutrient-dense, nourishing diet most often has teh benefit of safely losing the baby weight as well. Many mamas report that they lose weight while their milk supply increases. 

Get More Ounces For Your Babies Nourishment!

What Makes Milk Dust Special?

“A protein powder that not only boosts your milk supply (like crazy I may add!) AND tastes good?! Jackpot! This course is amazing, and it will TEACH you WHY you need to eat specific foods, AND exactly HOW you can through delicious meals and recipes."

 – Rebecca (verified buyer)

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