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How I Went From Sudden Drop To Dramatic Boost In My Milk Supply

While maintaining a healthy body and my baby's nourishment using these 8 simple steps

You can supplement with formula, or wait to lose weight until you’re done breastfeeding…

This off-hand comment from her doctor took Sarah by surprise.

She was so excited to get back in shape after gaining over 40lbs during pregnancy, but worried that her milk supply was dropping and that it wouldn’t be enough for her baby.

Her fears of not being able to “eat healthy” and keep her supply seemed to be true. She had only started trying to diet for the past week, and her supply seemed to be dropping, not the weight.

She needed a plan, some direction, anything to help her get her supply back….

But all she got was those words just a couple of minutes into her appointment.

She felt defeated, fighting back tears as she thought about what formulas to buy or how to get her supply back. .

Her baby was 1 month old, and she already felt lost and confused.

Hi, I’m Katie, founder, and creator of Milk Dust.

As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, and a mom of 4, I have helped countless moms get back in shape after their pregnancies.

What you read above was a real story of my client, Sarah.

Sarah was a first-time mom. Like most of us, she lived with a feeling of overwhelm, 24/7.

When she was pregnant, she tried to watch her weight gain, but ended up gaining over 40 lbs despite every attempt to eat healthy and exercise. She felt like she was transported to someone else’s body, and after baby came, she didn’t recognize herself. 

She tried to get back in shape after her 6 week appointment. She started lowering her calories, eating healthy and working out at home. She was exhausted and noticed she was pumping less and less. Her baby was fussier, and she knew her milk supply was suffering. So when she noticed her milk supply dropping, she went to her doctor for some advice.

That’s when he told her to start using formula.

She was devastated.

Sarah had planned on exclusively breastfeeding her baby for two years. She was set on giving her baby breast milk. Formula honestly never entered her mind. She hadn’t done any research, and she just wasn’t ready to give up on breastfeeding.

She knew she couldn’t switch to formula yet. She was determined to do everything she could to get her supply back.

She felt completely overwhelmed and scared.

Her options seemed few. She could give in and supplement with formula, or she could keep pumping night and day, trying to make enough milk to feed her baby…

Nobody had any real answers for her. She bought all the lactation cookies and teas, but didn’t even know when or how much to eat or drink.

Everyone reassured her there was nothing wrong with formula, and she knew there wasn’t, but she was still holding on tight to breastfeeding. They told her,

“Your child will grow fine.”

“There are hundreds of amazing formula options now.”

“I was raised with formulas and look at me.”

She decided to take a week to research on her own first. She wanted to be sure she had tried everything possible before switching her baby to formula.

And that’s how we met.

“Sarah has tried lactation cookies, but it doesn’t help…”

Before talking to me she had tried lactation cookies and gained weight without much improvement.

She tried common advice like drinking liters of water, Gatorade and even Pedialyte, but she had to pee every 5 minutes, and it didn't make a difference.

Sarah reached out to lactation consultants, and found that her baby was breastfeeding with no issues. She tried some of their recipes, but it was a lot of work.

Finally, after searching on Pinterest one late night, she found me.

I was growing a reputation among mothers that wanted to get back in shape after their babies. 

Oftentimes that same treatment boosted their milk production as well.

I was thinking about launching my Milk Dust products at the time she called.

When she started telling her story I saw some commonalities with many other moms that I had coached.

Sarah wasn’t overweight, but she had gained some weight trying other remedies that had failed her before.

I was confident I could help her. When I told her she didn’t believe me. But when I showed her some case studies, her eyes brightened up. So I told her this…


And here are the 5 main reasons why your milk supply is low:

1Your hormones are out of whack, and need to be balanced.

2Your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster, pushing hormone levels up and down.

3Your cortisol (stress hormone) is too high, limiting oxytocin release for lactation.

4Your body is missing key nutrients required to properly produce breast milk.

5Postnatal depletion from a difficult pregnancy and labor

Now here’s the BEST part.

All of these 5 issues can be fixed with proper diet and nutrition! 

If you want your body to function optimally you have to feed it optimally.

That’s what I did with Sarah. And that’s what I do with every mom I coach.

When I started with Sarah, she couldn’t produce more than 15 ml per session.

But after a few weeks of proper training and nutrition… Sarah was up to 50ml per session.

She was the happiest person in the world. She felt like the best mother on the face of earth. And her baby was happy and well nourished.

That is the power of nutrition.

It can reverse hormonal imbalances, stabilize blood sugar, reduce bloat and water retention, give you energy, and most of all, allow your body to create all the milk you need.

After working with Sarah, I realized I needed to help more moms. I didn’t have enough time to spend coaching them one-on-one. It was impossible.

And that is why I created my…

Breastfeeding Nutrition Master Course

Every mom has the right to breastfeed their baby and share an unbreakable link.

This course has been reviewed and approved by nutritionists, lactation consultants, and nurses to ensure the content and information are top-notch.

You will learn everything about breastfeeding nutrition:

  • Your Nutritional Needs During Lactation.
  • What’s The Lactation Cookie Trap?
  • The Power of Nutrition And Milk Volume.
  • How Nutrient Deficiencies Decrease Milk Supply.
  • Herbs, Spices + Antioxidants That Boost Milk Supply.
  • The Most Powerful Foods For a Low Milk Supply.
  • Why You Crave Sugar (all the time!).
  • How to Create A Balanced Plate For Breastfeeding.

You will also learn specific dieting instructions to increase supply:

  • Eating For Increased Milk Supply
  • Meal Plan That Boosts Milk Supply
  •  Emergency Milk-Boosting Foods

And all about losing weight while breastfeeding:

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss and Breastfeeding
  • The Key To Keeping Supply + Losing Weight
  • Counting Macros For Weight Loss while Breastfeeding

But That’s Not All…

As a bonus, I’ve included a delicious 28-day meal plan with all the recipes mapped out for you…

So you don’t have to guess while you are still learning.

You will get immense and immediate value from this course all for just $47.95!

This is an introductory offer. I want you to have it before anyone else, and that’s why the price is so low, but expect it to go up as soon as we put it out there for everyone.

This knowledge is too powerful to be this cheap. It took me many years of effort, study, and trial & error to reach these conclusions.

Don’t pass on this offer, because this is the only course in existence that teaches you:

  • EXACTLY what to eat to improve your supply…
  • How to FIX any issue that affects your breastfeeding…
  • The key to keeping your supply while LOSING WEIGHT…
  • What “emergency foods” will increase your supply, FAST…

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