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Stuck with insane SUGAR CRAVINGS while breastfeeding? Here's what's going on!

You're not alone! Many, many mamas are struggling with the intense need to eat all the chocolate. But there's a REASON THIS IS HAPPENING

The body signals cravings when it need specific nutrients. During lactation, these nutrient-needs are even greater…

Many breastfeeding mamas don't realize that the amount of nutrients your body needs post-birth and during lactation INCREASE.

Not only does your body require more nutrients, it is also transitioning through some big changes...

Even worse, the extreme hormonal shifts require a stability within the body - meaning if there are deficiencies, hormones can't balance properly, and lactation becomes an issue. 

Many new mamas find themselves fighting their desire for carbs and sugar, while worrying constantly about their milk supply...not understanding the simple solution to these problems. 

These underlying deficiencies dwindle your milk supply quickly, and even cause weight gain, or weight to just stick while breastfeeding. 

In comes Milk Dust - finally a protein powder formulated to STOP sugar cravings and BOOST milk supply. 

Milk Dust is backed by doctors, medical professionals and lactation consultants. It uses hand-picked nutrients that are REQUIRED for lactation. Without these nutrients - Protein, Vitamin B12, L-Methylfolate, Chromium, Mangesium, and Iron just to name a few, your body CAN'T produce the milk it needs too. 

Milk Dust also has a propietary, sugar-craving blend that stops sugar cravings by targeting nutrient-deficiencies in minerals like Magnesium and Chromium, while also using science-backed ingredients that balance blood sugar. 

I'm Katie, a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and mom of 4 boys. I've breastfed them all, as well as helped thousands of mamas lose weight while keeping their milk supply through nutrition. After a few years of recommending various protein powders, I knew I needed to make something better. 

I knew every breastfeeding mother needed a product that: 
1. Supported lactation through herbs + foods
2. Provided the essential nutrients for lactation and healing
3. Offered delicious protein (no more eating 10 hard boiled eggs every day!)
4. Cut sugar cravings to help breastfeeding mothers stay on their healthy diet

The formulation, research and development began. Of course this protein powder needed to be non-GMO, made here in the USA, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and kosher. I wanted something that wouldn't cause any gassiness or fussiness in newborns, so it had to be clean and allergy-friendly. 

I tested and reviewed the formula with experts, and I launched Milk Dust Sweet Vanilla 3 years ago. 

Year after year, I have thousands of mamas thanking Milk Dust for helping them with their milk supply. I get real thank you cards sent to our facility expressing how amazing this product is. 

Because of the intense amount of research and ingenuity, our formula is now patent-pending for increasing milk supply and helping with weight loss. 

So many mothers are struggling with nutrient-deficiencies and they don't even know it. 
If you are stuck eating lactation cookies, craving all the carbs and still only pumping a few ounces at a time, I get it. So many of us have been tere. 

Your nutrient deficiences get worse the more carbohydrates you eat, and your hydration suffers because carbohydrates cause our bodies to hold on to water. The more you spike your blood sugar, the more your body and brain signal for sugar. 

If you are stuck in the cycle, you can get out! 


What so many new mamas don't realize is that the very foundation of hormonal balance and steady blood sugar comes in the form of proper nutrition. You may think that eating a nutrient-dense diet is in fact a "diet" for weight loss. This is not the case. 

If you cry more tears than you pump as soon as you start eating healthy, then give up and eat everything to boost your supply back, the root of the problem is left ignored, and it will keep rearing back up.

Milk Dust offers the nutrients and superfoods your body needs for healthy lactation and weight management.

“The weight will just fall off once you start breastfeeding!”

“Breastfeeding is so natural, you won't have any issues.”

“Just eat healthy, breastfeed all the time and sleep when the baby sleeps...you'll never look better.”

Unfortunately this advice only increases anxiety and never discusses a new mothers' need for a nutritional treatment plan postpartum. Meal plans, prepping and cooking can be really overwhelming, so a simple, one-scoop-a-day product lightens the mental load tremendously. 

Milk Dust offers a one-scoop, one-handed solution to the postpartum nutritional treatment plan that doesn't exist yet...

Doctors should be handing out packets on the role of nutrition for proper healing, repair and hormonal function...or they can hand out jars of Milk Dust. 

What specific nutrient deficiencies are causing your sugar cravings?

Postnatal depletion causes new mothers to be deficient in many nutrients, partly because the need for these nutrients are greater. The major deficiencies linked to sugar cravings are: 
1. Protein
2. Chromium
3. Magnesium
4. Zinc

Science links deficiencies in these nutrients directly to sugar cravings. 

In comes the propietary, blood sugar blend in Milk Dust. 

The blood sugar blend is comprised of science-backed ingredients used to help with diabetes and blood sugar control.
These ingredients include:
Cinnamon Bark 

What's in Milk Dust that makes it so magical for milk supply?


1Science-backed lactation Blend full of fenugreek, brewer's yeast, milk thistle, fennel seed, and red raspberry leaf

2Lactation-boosting, plant-based protein blend consisting of chia seeds, flax seeds, pea protein and brown rice protein.

3Energy-boosting superfoods greens blend with spirulina, chlorella and spinach

4Antioxidant blend (for healing!) full of potent raspberries and blueberries

5Blood sugar blend with scientifically proven ingredients such as turmeric, magnesium, chromium and cinnamon bark

Now here’s the BEST part.

Milk Dust tastes amazing! It comes in two flavors, Sweet Vanilla and Fudge Brownie. It mixes with water, milk, in smoothies and even better, in your coffee! Milk Dust is sweetened with a tiny bit of Stevia (de-bittered!!), monk fruit and organic cane sugar. The sweet, creamy taste is like nothing you've every tried. 

Your baby needs your milk, especially in the first few hours and days. Colostrum is ESSENTIAL to your baby's growth, development and nourishment after birth. This translates to YOUR NOURISHMENT as baby's mother. By nourishing your body, you are nourishing your baby's. 

Milk Dust Flavor Package

We are so confident you will love Milk Dust, that if after 14 days, it doesn't work for you, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked!

Milk Dust is LOVED by Professionals:

"As a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Certified Nutrition Specialist, always seek high-quality, nutrient-dense, clean food products and supplements to recommend to my clients. My mama-to-be and new-mama clients have unique nutritional needs that require extra attention. As any soon-to-be-mamas and new-mamas know, this life stage can make it challenging to meet those needs. Meet Milk Dust products—among the closest things to a “magic wand” for checking multiple nutrient checkboxes with ease, peace of mind, effectiveness, and pure deliciousness!"


  • Your Nutritional Needs During Lactation.
  • What’s The Lactation Cookie Trap?
  • The Power of Nutrition And Milk Volume.
  • How Nutrient Deficiencies Decrease Milk Supply.
  • Herbs, Spices + Antioxidants That Boost Milk Supply.
  • The Most Powerful Foods For a Low Milk Supply.
  • Why You Crave Sugar (all the time!).
  • How to Create A Balanced Plate For Breastfeeding.
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You will also learn specific dieting instructions to increase supply:

  • Eating For Increased Milk Supply
  • Meal Plan That Boosts Milk Supply
  •  Emergency Milk-Boosting Foods

And all about losing weight while breastfeeding:

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss and Breastfeeding
  • The Key To Keeping Supply + Losing Weight
  • Counting Macros For Weight Loss while Breastfeeding

But That’s Not All…

As a bonus, I’ve included a delicious 28-day meal plan with all the recipes mapped out for you…

So you don’t have to guess while you are still learning.

You will get immense and immediate value from this course all for just $47.95!

This is an introductory offer. I want you to have it before anyone else, and that’s why the price is so low, but expect it to go up as soon as we put it out there for everyone.

This knowledge is too powerful to be this cheap. It took me many years of effort, study, and trial & error to reach these conclusions.

Don’t let your milk supply drop anymore, or wait until it's too late to get it back.

  • Get the milk supply you need for your baby
  • STOP sugar cravings NOW and get healthy
  • Keep your supply while dropping the extra pregnancy pounds
  • NOURISH your body properly, so it can heal and you can care for baby

Milk Dust sells out FAST! Click the button below to get yours NOW (before it's out of stock again!)

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