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Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens
Super Greens

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Super Greens Milk Supply + Metabolism Booster


Dealing With Low Milk Supply?

Drink your greens and boost your milk supply and metabolism in an incredible tasting nutrient-packed formula with none of the juicing mess.

Why Super Greens? 

  • Promotes Healthy Metabolism
  • Support Cell Growth & Repair
  • Regulated Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes boosted energy levels

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3 Reasons Mothers Love Super Greens by MilkDust

Combat Sugar Cravings

Super Greensoffers a propietary sugar-craving blend of nutrients to stop those breastfeeding sugar cravings.

Increase Lactation

Super Greens provides a proprietary blend of lactation-boosting herbs, which are proven to increase milk supply.

Get Back In Shape

Super Greens offers the essential protein postpartum mothers need to get back in shape without losing milk supply.



Proprietary Protein Blend

With Pea protein & chia seeds
Proprietary protein that contains all the essential amino acids that promote milk production reduces body weight.

Antioxidant Blend

With Organic Blueberry & Raspberry
A combination of berry and raspberry powder that contains antioxidants that regulate blood sugar levels.

Greens & Energy Blend

Health leafy greens and super greens that keep you energized.

Lactation Blend

With red raspberry leaf & milk thistle
A proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients that increases milk production.

Proprietary Sugar Craving Blend

With Turmeric & Cinnamon bark
Natural sweeteners and herbs that keep cravings at bay and control blood sugar levels.

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Super Greens

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Super Greens

2 Month Supply

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