Milk Dust Fudge Brownie Lactation Protein Powder

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Fudge Brownie is our newest flavor, and it is amazing!! Be sure to check out our recipes for ideas on how to blend it!

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13 reviews for Milk Dust Fudge Brownie Lactation Protein Powder

  1. Mercedes Fry (verified owner)

    They hit the nail on the head with this one!! I bought the original milk dust last year and I found myself having to add stuff to mask the flavor. But THIS.. I’m so stoked on how good it tastes. I don’t have to mask the flavor, even after adding extra flax and brewers yeast to my shake it still tastes awesome. I can’t have dairy so I plan to continue using this even when my breastfeeding journey is over because it’s now the only plant based protein I actually enjoy the taste of and look forward to drinking

  2. terra.fulton (verified owner)

    I ordered this before my daughter was born on April 7th. I’ve never been big on the taste of protein powders. I was unsure how this would taste, but I gained a lot of weight this pregnancy (57 lbs)and was hoping to breastfeed to help lose the weight… again and if this helped reduce sugar cravings, even better. I have been drinking this most mornings and only recently started using cashew milk in place of whole milk to reduce the calories. It is AWESOME. As the previous reviewer states, I too plan to continue after breastfeeding since the taste is so good. I have lost a lot of weight already (40 lbs) I am watching my calories and trying to move more but this drink helps keeps me full and with the cashew milk is only 115 calories for breakfast! I don’t add anything additional. I just reordered the fudge and ordered the sample pack as well to see how that tastes to get a little variety. I highly recommend this and wish I’d have had this with my prior 2 pregnancies! Hopefully we can get some more awesome flavors.

  3. tori_baionno (verified owner)

    I first discovered Mill Dust after my last pregnancy and boy am I glad I did! Not only did it help boost and maintain my supply when my cycle returned but it also helped me with losing my baby weight! The fudge brownie flavor is amaaaazing! Just the right amount of sweetness and chocolately flavor. As a chocoholic, I approve!

  4. jacdominguez (verified owner)

    This fudge brownie is so good! I enjoy the sweet vanilla more but obviously I drink both just to switch it up. I always have milk dust on hand and drink it everyday. It gives me a few more ounces of breast milk so it’s a win win!

  5. jasmyneklausing (verified owner)

    This is HANDS DOWN the best lactation shakes I’ve ever had. I wish I had known about them sooner with my past 3 kids. These lactation shakes are not only delicious but, they actually work & have helped produce more milk. Usually, when my little one turns 6mo I stop nursing bc of not producing enough to eat.
    Another thing I absolutely love about these shakes is I’m down 12 pounds so far. This is a win win!! I drink 1 a day. Usually for breakfast. Make sure to snag up those lactation bars to. They are to die for!!!😍😍😍😍

  6. Alyssa Hazelton (verified owner)

    This is absolutely amazing and definitely my favorite flavor! It helped boost my supply and keep it that way even when I was stressed from working, which was such a huge help! Once I got pregnant I still loved it and am about to switch to the pregnancy powder for now but you already know once my son is born I’ll be switching back to this and loving every delicious recipe along the way! 😍

  7. crystaldyas (verified owner)

    My son was born early at 26 weeks and I was one who was so stressed about not being able to keep a milk supply while he was in the NICU. I ordered Milk Dust after he was born and drink it daily. I have been surprised by the flavor of the original and love it!!! I just recently ordered the brownie in my last shipment and I can’t tell which one I love more! Both are amazing. After running out the week my son was discharged (busy week and didn’t get around to ordering), I noticed my supply did decrease slightly. I wasn’t completely sure how the Milk Dust was helping until that week and then going back on it. Not to mention, I’ve lost 10 lbs since starting! 🙂 I didn’t expect to lose weight and that was not what attracted me to the product, but a perfect added bonus!

  8. ANASTASIA SANDERS (verified owner)

    This is my favorite powder from Milk Dust! It has great flavor and has helped me with my milk supply! I love adding Strawberries and milk to it because it tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie!

  9. hashleyaly68 (verified owner)

    I love this protein powder it has helped me with my milk supply and helped me lose the weight I am very happy with this once I ran out I’m going to buy me my baby and i are very happy and satisfied

  10. Hailee Ford (verified owner)

    This tastes so good! It is a little rich but once I add other stuff to my smoothie it tastes great! I was nervous to try this one because I’m not a huge chocolate fan but they got the taste perfect!

  11. breeah09 (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff. I mix it with a little ice coffee and milk. I needed something to help my milk supply for baby and this helps!

  12. Christine Buckler (verified owner)

    I’m a chocoholic and this protein powder satisfies my cravings while providing me the UMPPH to keep my milk supply going. My favorite is adding in a bit of instant coffee to make it an iced mocha 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Hilary Sellar (verified owner)

    I had my daughter 5 weeks ago and I’ve ordered 3 containers of milk dust. Instead of grabbing junk at night when I’m craving something, I will make myself a protein shake using milk dust and oat milk.
    Love love and will
    Keep ordering

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