The Ultimate Solution To Your Healing Your Mommy Pooch For Good!

Want To Fianlly Lose The Mommy Pooch?
I Will Show You What I Did!


"I was able to heal my diastasis recti after just 2 weeks, and lose inches on my mommy pooch by following this at-home program! I also grabbed the macro plan, and I am down 7lbs in 2 weeks!"

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I was stuck with a pooch after losing 20lbs!

What I learned, and how I healed my pooch - after 4 babies!

Hey there! I am Katie, a mama of 4 babies, and I was crying after my first and second baby. 

After my first baby, I figured out how to lose the weight and keep my milk supply - YES! But, I was left with this pooch...like I still looked 3 months pregnant. I just wanted to cry every time I saw it. 

I thought I just had to except the fact that I will look 3 months pregnant forever.  

I thought maybe losing more weight was the trick, so I started dieting more. Turns out, I just lost a lot of muscle, and the skinnier I got, the worse my stomach looked. 

So, I started researching, and because this was my first baby, I had never heard of diastasis recti! 

You've probably heard of that by now, and know that is a major cause for the mommy pooch. If your abdominals aren't healed properly, it doesn't matter how much weight you lose, you will be left with this pooch and overhang! 

Fortunately, I was a Pilates instructor, and the light bulb went off! I could use my Pilates background to heal my abs!

I started working on my Pilates again, and I also studied to become a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. I became an expert in healing postpartum and losing weight while breastfeeding. 

4 babies later, I know the EXACT EXERCISES that work, and which ones don't. 

What's shocking is that not all the "diastasis recti exercises" actually work. I know what works, because I've healed my abs 4 times. 

You don't need a huge expensive program to get your abs back. 

For example, one of the secret exercises to snatch your waist fast are side panks! Who would've thought working on the side plane pulls your abs in fast?

And, you can heal and restore your abs in about 2 weeks if you do the right exercises! 

If you don't properly strengthen your core, the pooch can come back! 

So, I have a solution...

Here's What You Need to Do to Lose The Pooch For Good

You need to do the RIGHT exercises to heal diastasis recti.

You need to start NOW, the longer you wait the worse it gets.

What exercises and plan should you do?

What if I can show you exactly what I've done after all 4 of my babies to heal my abs?

I went from looking skinny and pregnant to people being absolutely shocked I've had 4 babies! 

When people see me in my swimsuit, they can't believe I carried all 4 of my children because I've repaired my abs. 

I don't want any mothers shedding tears for feeling depressed about looking pregnant forever. 

So, I created an easy-to-follow 8-week program that walks you through all the exercises you need. 

You have to do it in the order I have it set out to ensure you first heal your diastasis recti, then build strength. 

That's because your body is resistant to insulin, the hormone that helps your cells use sugar for energy.

When there's too much sugar in your blood, it can lead to health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But there is a solution... 

The program that worked for me, can now work for you!

The EXACT Exercises That Work

Don't waste time with any exercises that aren't effective. All the exercises that worked for me, and continued to work baby after baby. 

Weekly Plan with Reps + Exercises

Everything I did is planned out for you, so you know what exercises to do on which day and how many. 

Nutrition Guidelines

Healing your core is one part, but burning belly fat is another. I was able to lose belly fat while breastfeeding with these nutrition tips!

And the best part...

You can Start TODAY!

8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook
8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook

8-Week Mommy Pooch Challenge - eBook


Every mother who wants to heal their core, regain their abdominal strength and flatten their tummy again after pregnancy needs to do this program! This 8-week program will also give you nutrition guidance, so you can burn belly fat, heal your diastasis recti and regain your confidence again. Here's what's included:

  • Lose the mommy pooch from the inside out (inner core strength!)
  • 2-week plan to heal your diastasis recti and inner core muscles
  • Progressive ab-strengthening plan to build strength again

  • Nutrition guidance to burn belly fat while breaestfeeding
  • Key nutritional information on macros to ensure you can burn fat safely
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Imagine waking up every day and feeling light, strong and hearing, "wow, I can't believe you've had any kids at all!"…

  • Now your stomach isn't hanging over your pants
  • You don't have to hide your extra pooch in high-waist yoga pants
  • Wake up every day feeling amazing and strong again
  • Every time you look in the mirror, you see a slim and sexy version of yourself that you never thought was possible.
  • Your new core strength stops incontinence and unexpected peeing your pants!
  • You can wear any swimsuit you want now, without having to have a high-waist!
  • You can burn fat and lose weight without losing your milk supply 

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