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The 5 Step Process I Used To Lose 30 Lbs By 6 Weeks Postpartum And Keep My Milk Supply!

♥ Written by Katie Pickett

Precision Nutrition certified coach & Founder of Milk Dust


When I first gave birth to my fourth baby just two months ago. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to lose the baby weight by 6 weeks again this time around because I gained a little more weight with this pregnancy.

It wasn’t a whole lot, just about 5lbs, but a lot of that was due to being pregnant during a pandemic, and being stuck at home much more than I preferred!

When gyms were canceled and the weather got super hot, I couldn’t be as active as I normally am. With that, I gained around 30 lbs this pregnancy, when I normally gain around 25lbs.

I was also very lean, and training for my first 10k race when I got pregnant, so that makes a difference too.

At 6 weeks postpartum, I lost about 30lbs, and I was back in my pre-pregnancy pants! Weight is just a number, and my body still isn’t back to where it was, but my overall weight bounced right back!

This was 10 days postpartum vs 4 weeks postpartum, where I had lost a lot of weight by then too!

Before I get into exactly how I lost the baby weight by 6 weeks postpartum, I want to note a few things I think are important: 

  • Losing the baby fast isn’t the main goal
  • Focusing on nutrition is a HUGE part of healthy weight loss
  • Allowing yourself to be hungry isn’t the best idea in the first few weeks
  • I established my milk supply FIRST before I started slowly focusing on my diet

I don’t want anyone jumping into any major diet changes right after having a baby, especially if your milk supply hasn’t fully developed yet. 

Here is my 6-week transformation, and I will get into my safe and easy tips for losing the baby weight after pregnancy. 

1Establish your milk supply FIRST (right away!):

If you are breastfeeding, you want to make sure your milk supply is your first priority.

I made sure my milk came in quickly (by day 4!) before I even thought about losing weight.

I packed these lactation bars in my hospital bag, so I knew I would have milk-boosting snacks while at the hospital.

I also brought a jar of my lactation protein powder to drink there too, to make sure my body was getting the essential nutrients and 

milk-boosting herbs it needed to produce milk fast.

Once you are positive that your milk supply is set, then you can start focusing on your nutrition.

Do not fill up right away on sugary lactation cookies and recipes. These often just give you a huge calorie/carb/sugar boost, which will temporarily help your milk supply, but also affect your nutrient levels.

Use healthy foods to help you establish your milk supply like:

  • sweet potatoes
  • oatmeal
  • chia seeds
  • cashews and almonds
  • spinach
  • eggs

This will set you up for success when you start wanting to lose weight.

2Clean up your nutrition: 

The first thing I do when I want to lose weight is I clean up my nutrition. I take out cheese and dairy. Cheese is usually something I go overboard on very quickly because I like it on EVERYTHING!

I also take out extra sweets like candies and cookies that my kids love to eat. By taking out foods that are less nutrient-dense, you can fill that space with more nutrient-dense options.

Here are some healthy swaps I make: 

  • Nuts instead of kids' crackers and snack foods
  • Fruit instead of granola bars
  • Protein bars instead of sandwiches or bread
  • Smoothies for fast meals instead of left-overs

Simple swaps like these can make a world of a difference, and they are often small enough that after a few days, you won’t even notice you are making them. 

3I Intermittent Fast When It Feels Natural: 

Only when I’m pregnant do I eat breakfast. I find myself hungry all the time, and I can’t fast during pregnancy. Once I am postpartum, intermittent fasting feels natural to me again.

I like coffee in the morning, and my smoothie as a late morning meal, rather than first thing. I’ve done intermittent fasting since I was a barista years ago, so it works really well for my body. 

If you have never tried to intermittent fast, make sure you have your milk supply established first. 

Then, slowly start with an 12 hour fasting window. This might be from 8pm at night, to 8am the next morning.

From there, increase your fasting window a couple of hours at a time until you are around 16 hours. If you notice a drop in milk supply, shorten the window a few hours again until your body adjusts. 

You may find that you never adjust or feel good fasting. This may not be the best direction for your body, so don’t force yourself to do it.

I just know that it works really well for me, and I find I have a TON of energy all day when fasting. I also make sure I break my fast with a healthy, milk-boosting smoothie or meal.

4I walk a lot:

I don’t worry about exercising before I am 6 weeks postpartum, but I do walk more and more.

I find that walking is very healing for the body after birth, and it is a great way to get outside and keep your mood up.

Getting in the natural vitamin D from outside can help prevent depression, and it can help you stay positive and energetic. 

I wear my newborns a lot, and take my boys to the park or on bike rides, so we can all get out together.

I find that we all feel so much better after being outside, and I can start getting back to normal after pregnancy and birth.

Adding in more steps will encourage you to move more, rather than just sit and hold the baby all day. A newborn can make life very sedentary, so I try to change that and stay active. .

5I choose fiber and protein-rich foods:

In order to combat breastfeeding hunger, I choose foods high in fiber and protein.

This helps me stay full for a long time!

My smoothies are the main way I do this because they are full of fiber from whatever frozen fruit I choose...

and my lactation protein powder adds all the protein and nutrients I need for milk supply and healing!

This brings me to one of the things that helped me the most with losing the baby weight after pregnancy.

Oh, how grateful I am for Milk Dust!! My morning Milk Dust smoothie including berries, spinach, kale, oat milk & flax not only kept me full for hours but enabled me to start jogging daily again while significantly boosting my milk supply and overall energy!👈

One of my favorite parts about my journey with Milk Dust was how much energy I have. I struggled with fatigue and could barely keep up with daily tasks alongside taking care of my baby. Now, I have SO MUCH energy. Oh and did I mention that my milk supply is better than ever?!

Ever since going back to work I have slowly been watching my production drop little by little. With this 10-day milk dust challenge I have EXCEEDED my weight loss goal and 3.2 pounds are gone, AND my milk production is back up and running!


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