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Your best friend for weight loss and milk supply. 

Plant-Based Protein Powder

Milk Dust Protein Powder is comprised of hand-picked nutrients specifically for the breastfeeding and postpartum mama. Small batches, non-GMO, clean, organic ingredients. 

Conquer Sugar Cravings + Increase Milk Supply

Milk Dust offers a unique lactation blend of herbs and ingredients that promote a healthy milk supply. These herbs have been both scientifically studied, and used for years in many cultures to promote breast and hormonal health.

Your Nutrition Should Not Be Left-Overs

Crusts, crumbs and goldfish don’t offer the nutrition a breastfeeding mama needs to thrive. Milk Dust offers a fast and yummy way to get all those nutrients in. 

Get Our Free Recipe Book

We put together a recipe book to help you know exactly what to blend with Milk Dust to make it nourishing and yummy. These lactation shakes will help you boost supply, as well as help you lose weight. 

10 Days To Detox + Lose Weight

To help you lose weight with Milk Dust, we have a free, 10-day detox plan with recipes and instructions on how to conquer the sugar. Follow this plan to jump start your weight loss, while still breastfeeding. 

Understanding Your Nutritional Needs

Nutrition is so much more than a healthy diet. There are specific nutrients both pregnant and postpartum mamas need more of. We wrote you a book that tells you everything – free!

Struggling to Keep Up Your Supply?

Milk Dust is specifically formulated to help you keep up your milk supply with more than just herbs. We believe in nourishment ans the foundation to milk supply. By focusing on both lactation herbs and nutrirents, a mama’s healthy is being fulling supported. This creates the strong foundation of hormonal health necessary to produce breast milk. 

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