10-Day Smoothie Transform

Are you feeling like you need to take care of yourself better, but you don't know how? Jump on our 10-Day Smoothie Transformation Challenge!

Drink one smoothie a day for 10 days in place of your normal meal or snack. We always suggest breakfast to help you start the day.

The transformation is more than just a smoothie every day! We will also send you recipes, goals, tips and SECRET DISCOUNTS! Heck yes!

Start whenever you are ready, and all the smoothies can be made one-handed if necessary!

Here's a sample recipe you get straight to your phone!

What does the 10-Day Challenge Entail?

Start with just 1 Milk Dust smoothie a day for 10 days. 


Free Recipe Book

Secret Discounts + Codes

Lactation Recipes

Motivation + Goals

Increased Milk Supply