35+ Postpartum Freezer Meals To Make Before Baby Arrives

35+ Postpartum Freezer Meals To Make Before Baby Arrives

Freezer meals are extremely helpful to have on hand when baby arrives. Prepping freezer meals for postpartum is extremely helpful to ensure that you can produce enough milk and support your body through lactation. 

Prepping for postpartum and lactation with the right nutrition can really help your body produce enough milk right away! I personally preppred a lot of smoothie packs, so I could drink my Milk Dust smoothie daily. I was able to lose the baby weight quickly, while keeping a healthy milk supply because I drank Milk Dust every day! 

I even started drinking Milk Dust late in my third trimester, and I found that my milk came in so fast! 

Here is a list of all the smoothie packs I LOVED! They are simple, easy, and make your protein smoothies so much easier! 


The Power of Protein Shakes for Postpartum Milk Supply and Weight Loss: 

All macro nutrients - fat, protein and carbohydrates are used for energy to make breast milk. Fat is stored during pregnancy specifically for this purpose. Since there is already stored fat in the body, there isn't much need for a breastfeeding mother to consume fat. Some mothers do use the keto diet as a weight loss method, which is definitely okay, but what is happening even on the keto diet is the lack of calories are signaling to the body to let go of stored fat. The keto diet also provides a lot of protein, which is in the fattier meats, nuts and cheeses. This is why some moms have a lot of success with the keto diet for weight loss while breastfeeding, and we do cover that more in depth as well.

Milk Dust exists to specifically solve the issue of undernourishment for new mommies, help with weight loss and keep up the milk supply. With protein as the center nutrient, there are also additional vitamins, minerals and herbs that are hand-picked to encourage a healthy milk supply. Milk Dust also offers a sweet, delicious taste that satisfies the sugar cravings!

Postpartum Frozen Smoothie Pack Recipes

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Soups and Chilis

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8. Keto Tomato Soup | Foodborne Wellness

9. Butternut Squash Soup | Couple of Seeds

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Chicken and Turkey

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Pastas, Pies, and More

25. Vegan Spinach Ravioli | Sugar Spice n’ Everything Nice

26. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie | By The Forkful 

27. Old Fashioned Goulash | Call Me PMc

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31. Aloo Methi: Fenugreek Leaves and Potato Curry | So Yummy Recipes

32. Black Bean Burgers | Sally's Baking Recipes

Snacks and Treats

33. Banana No-Bake Energy Bites | I Heart Recipes

34. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins | Happy Hooligans Blog

35. Chocolate Chip Energy Balls | The Girl Who Ate Everything

These recipes are all super healthy, milk-boosting, and most importantly, nourishing for postpartum. I've talked a lot about how important protein is for postpartum recovery, weight loss and milk supply, so I highly recommend the smoothie freezer packs with a scoop of Milk Dust to get you started on losing the baby weight while keeping your milk supply.