fenugree-free lactation supplements

The Best Fenugreek-Free Lactation Supplements (2022)

Many new mamas are looking for fenugreek-free supplements to boost lactation for fear of some of the side effects that can go along with fenugreek. Fenugreek is one of the most well-known galactagogues, yet it is sometimes controversial. Your lactation consultant most-likely loves fenugreek because of its power to fix a low milk supply. It is often paired with milk thistle for an even bigger boost.

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an herb with many health benefits. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and the Middle East to treat skin conditions and disease, and study after study are proving its milk-boosting benefits. It is one of the top herbal supplements on the market for lactation support. The use of fenugreek has typically been for blood sugar regulation and reducing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and inflammation as well as increasing milk supply. You can take it in a tea form, capsule form or in other powder forms like protein powders.

Does Fenugreek Increase Milk Supply?

Studies are proving Fenugreek supplements to increase milk supply. Fenugreek is one of the most studied galactagogue, with very positive results. One 14-day study in 77 new mothers found that drinking herbal tea with fenugreek seeds increased breast milk production, which helped babies gain more weight. 

Another study split 66 mothers into three groups. One received fenugreek tea, the second a placebo, and the third nothing.

The volume of pumped breast milk increased from around 1.15 ounces (34 ml) in the control and placebo groups to 2.47 ounces (73 ml) in the fenugreek group (source).

Our original Milk Dust Protein Powder includes Fenugreek in our formula because of the science-backed research. But, just like any herb or medicine, there are some people that have adverse reactions to Fenugreek. 

What Are Some Side Effects From Fenugreek?

There isn't much research or science proving any adverse reaction possibilities from Fenugreek. However, there are some people who experience indigestion and/or diahrea from high doses. Some mothers claim it lowers their milk supply, though there is no research to back these claims. The research and data heavily shows Fenugreek to increase milk supply, but there could be individuals who have the opposite reaction. Some new moms mention a maple syrup smell with Fenugreek, but that is usually in very high doses. Of course if you have a medical condition causing you to steer clear of fenugreek, make sure you check with your healthcare provider when determining ther right breastfeeding supplement for you.

Another side effect some mothers report is that baby can become gassy or fussy when they use Fenugreek. This is usually in high-doses of just fenugreek. Our Milk Dust formula is an advanced lactation formula that uses a smaller amount of Fenugreek in conjunction with the use of galactogogues to create a formula that is powerful, high quality and well-rounded.

Still, there are some wonderful lactatoin supplements and herbal galactagogues that are also Fenugreek-free. These supplements offer the milk-boosting super powers of Shatavari Root, Fennel, Brewer's Yeast and more.  

The 5 Best Fenugreek-Free Lactation Dietary Supplements:

There are many different options of herbs that support breast milk supply and are suggested by lactation specialists.

Milk Dust Fenugreek-Free Protein Powder: 

This protein powder is full of more than just milk-boosting herbs. Milk Dust also offers nutritional support specifically for breastfeeding mothers. This is really important to increasing milk supply. As a new mom, it is very difficult to eat all the healthy foods to support postpartum recovery and correct postnatal depletion. Milk Dust does it all. Milk Dust offers essential protein, folate (L-methylated), Vitamin B12, superfoods, hand-picked lactation protiens like chia seed protein and basically every nutrient breastfeeding mamas need. 

The nutritional support combined with the propietary lactation blend gives new mothers a big bang for their milk buck. The Fenugreek-free formula focuses on Shatavari Root because of its amazing effect on mammary glands and increase prolactin. Milk Dust combines that with Fennel seeds, Brewer's Yeast, Red Raspberry Leaf and Turmeric to give an instant boost in supply. 

Milk Dust Fenugreek-Free Protein Powder is easy to drink daily. You can put one scoop into your favorite milk and use a protein shaker, or blend using one of our free recipes books for a delicious smoothie. 

Shatavari Root Tea: 

There are many teas with Shatavari Root, which can be quick and easy to drink every morning for milk supply. Teas are simple and easy to make one-handed, which is perfect for breastfeeding mothers. If Fenugreek tea doesn't work for you, Shatavari Root Tea is a great alternative to boost your supply fast. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is another great alternative to Fenugreek for milk supply. Red Raspberry Leaf is beneficial for the whole reproductive system, and it shown to help increase milk supply. The APA states red raspberry leaf can help increase breast milk supply, help the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size and help reduce postpartum depression. Most evidence of red raspberry leaf increasing breast milk is anecdotal, but it is considered safe to consume while breastfeeding. 

Brewer's Yeast: 

Brewer's Yeast is known for its amazing nutritional power for breastfeeding mothers. It packs loads of Vitamin B to help with energy levels. It isn't a tea, but it is a powder that can be added to many recipes like muffins, oatmeal, breads and more. 

Goat's Rue 

This is another herb that has been long used to increase milk supply. There are very limited studies to prove its abilities, but there are many mamas who swear by it. You can find supplements or teas with Goat's Rue, so it is another supplement that is easy to take and consume while breastfeeding. 


Blessed Thistle:

This is another one of the herbal remedies that packs a big lactation punch. You can find Blessed Thistle in many teas, and it is used to help with indegestion and to stimulate appetite.

There are some additional supplements and herbs that can increase milk supply, but the key is to ensure you stay consistent, nourish your body and feed your baby as often as possible. Only steer clear of Fenugreek if you have experienced adverse side effects in the past. Keep in mind that our Milk Dust proprietary blend has shown significant increase in milk production, as well as stabalized blood sugar and reduced sugar cravings. The herbal ingredients combined with specific nutrients make it a very powerful tool for lactation. Not to mention it tastes better than all the lactation cookies, and it is so much better for you in terms of nutirents. There is the fenugreek lactation supplement, the original Milk Dust, as well as the fenugreek-free Milk Dust formula, which both will give amazing results for your milk supply needs and breastfeeding goals.


Sarah Schulz, a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse states, "This is where products like Milk Dust come in; a nourishing and tasty supplement that you can add to smoothies or baked treats to give your body the protein, vitamins, and minerals it needs to fill you up, regulate your blood sugar and promote your overall health in the transitional time of postpartum. Vitamins D, A, E, and B12 can help boost your energy levels and keep your skin, hair, and nails strong and healthy even with the steep changes in hormone levels after delivery. Possible blood loss and fluid volume shifts can deplete minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium after delivery and proper supplementation can help restore any imbalances. It also takes about an extra 500 calories per day to produce breast milk, and Milk Dust offers protein dense calories to help provide your body with that extra energy without giving you a sugar loaded crash later. Ingredients like fenugreek, Brewer’s yeast, and fennel seeds are known to support milk production, taking some of the worry out of the hard work of breastfeeding. 

A protein packed smoothie to sip on from the rocking chair would have been a game changer on that infamous day of cold, uneaten lunch and I’m so thankful that a whole new market of postpartum support powered by innovative mothers seem to have emerged since I was first bringing babies home. It gives me many holistic and helpful options to direct my patients towards and reminds me that even though the village of motherhood has changed from the literal sense over many generations, there is still a network of women helping women out there and together we can optimize the health of ourselves and our babies. "

If you haven't tried Fenugreek to increase your milk supply it is worth it! It is one of the very few ingredients with studies to back the claims that is actually works!