15-Day Mommy Pooch Challenge

Heal your mommy pooch, lose belly fat and increase your milk supply all at the same time! 

1Drink your Super Greens every day for milk supply + metabolism BOOST

The new Milk Dust Super Greens is full of powerful superfoods and herbs that boost milk supply, increase energy and support metabolism. Adding this to your daily routine will nourish your body, nourish your milk supply and support your metabolism. 

2Drink your Milk Dust Protein Shake Pre or Post-Workout

Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder will increase your milk supply and stop sugar cravings to help you stay on track during the challenge. Milk Dust is specifically formulated to help curb hunger and cravings, increase your milk supply and support your postpartum fitness goals with essential protein, vitamins and minerals. 

3Follow the 8-Week Mommy Pooch Program

You can heal your mommy pooch with simple exercises at home that restore your abdominal muscles. 
The 8-week mommy pooch workout plan is simple to follow, and it builds your ab strength week after week! 

In the first 15-days you willl notice posture changes, a stronger core and progress to seeing those abs again!

4Follow the Milk Dust Macro Diet Plan

The Milk Dust Macro Diet Plan is extremely important to burning off the extra belly fat while breastfeeding. Belly fat after pregnancy can hold on while breastfeeding, but eating the RIGHT macros for breastfeeding is key to burning extra fat, while also supporting your milk supply. 

Supporting your milk supply with Milk Dust Supergreens, while following the Macro Diet Plan is the KEY to seeing your abs again after pregnancy. 

5You will feel amazing in just 15 days!!

Milk Dust Super Greens + Milk Dust Protein Powder are all going viral for their amazing, milk-boosting and metabolism increasing powers. By drinking your Milk Dust Protein and Supergreens, following your Macro Plan and doing your abdominal healing in the 8-week challenge, you will: 
- Support your milk supply while losing fat
- Increase milk supply with powerful nutrients and herbs
- Speed up your metabolism with the Super Greens energy blend
-Heal your Diastasis Recti at home
- Crush hunger and sugar cravings with the right macro diet
- Get back to your pre-pregnancy weight while breastfeeding!

5Amazing Discount on EVERYTHING + FREE GIFTS

By joining the 15-day mommy pooch challenge, you will get a MAJOR discount on all the products PLUS Free GIFTS!! 

- GET A FREE 8-WEEK MOM BUTT WORKOUT PLAN (no more mom butt!)




“Thank you milk dust! For the first month of my new horns life we were having to feed a bottle on the back end of every nurse and I am so grateful for this boosting my supply in order for me to be able to keep up with his appetite ☺️” - 

Elizabeth L.


“I'm not a protein powder person but this definitely appealed to me being a nursing mama and wanting to be healthy. The vanilla is very sweet and makes a smoothie easy without needing to add an extra sweetener” -

Carllynn C.

Breastfeeding Mama Transformations

Oh, how grateful I am for Milk Dust!! My morning Milk Dust smoothie including berries, spinach, kale, oat milk & flax not only kept me full for hours but enabled me to start jogging daily again while significantly boosting my milk supply and overall energy!👈

One of my favorite parts about my journey with Milk Dust was how much energy I have. I struggled with fatigue and could barely keep up with daily tasks alongside taking care of my baby. Now, I have SO MUCH energy. Oh and did I mention that my milk supply is better than ever?!

Ever since going back to work I have slowly been watching my production drop little by little. With this 10-day milk dust challenge I have EXCEEDED my weight loss goal and 3.2 pounds are gone, AND my milk production is back up and running!


Join the 15-Day Mommy Pooch Challenge to finally see your abs again, heal your diastasis recti, and increase your milk supply through powerful nutrition! 

Get the discounts, freebies and feel amazing TODAY!