Spring Back Smoothie Challenge

Join our spring smoothie challenge to spring back and feel good this summer. 

1Drink 2 Milk Dust Shakes A Day for 7 Days

Replace two meals with a Milk Dust shake! You can blend your Milk Dust with water or milk, or use one of our favorite recipes!
Commit to just 7 days of your smoothies to see what a difference just a week can make!

2Share with other mamas

Share your smoothies or shakes every day on social media to encourage and support other mamas. This is a fun, social challenge that is so much better when we connect with one another. 

3Get A Free Recipe Ebook

Get a free Ebook of tips and tricks, as well as deicious Milk Dust recipes that will help you through the next 7 days!

4You get so much nutrition!

Milk Dust is going viral for its amazing, milk-boosting powers, as well as delicious taste! By drinking your daily smoothies you get: 
- Milk-boosting herbs and nutrients
- 16 grams of protein per smoothie
- Antioxidants and superfoods
- Folate and Vitamin B12 (for energy!)
- Sugar-craving crushing propietary blend
- Hand-picked nutrients needed for postpartum

5Discounts + Giveaways!

If you join the Spring Back challenge you get a special discount code to get 10% off your Milk Dust purchase, AND you willl be entered in giveaways for free product!!

Grab your Milk Dust today, so you will have it in time for the first day of the challenge!


“Thank you milk dust! For the first month of my new horns life we were having to feed a bottle on the back end of every nurse and I am so grateful for this boosting my supply in order for me to be able to keep up with his appetite ☺️” - 

Elizabeth L.


“I'm not a protein powder person but this definitely appealed to me being a nursing mama and wanting to be healthy. The vanilla is very sweet and makes a smoothie easy without needing to add an extra sweetener” -

Carllynn C.

Breastfeeding Mama Transformations

Oh, how grateful I am for Milk Dust!! My morning Milk Dust smoothie including berries, spinach, kale, oat milk & flax not only kept me full for hours but enabled me to start jogging daily again while significantly boosting my milk supply and overall energy!👈

One of my favorite parts about my journey with Milk Dust was how much energy I have. I struggled with fatigue and could barely keep up with daily tasks alongside taking care of my baby. Now, I have SO MUCH energy. Oh and did I mention that my milk supply is better than ever?!

Ever since going back to work I have slowly been watching my production drop little by little. With this 10-day milk dust challenge I have EXCEEDED my weight loss goal and 3.2 pounds are gone, AND my milk production is back up and running!


Join the Milk Dust Mamas who are jumping in and ready to get back in shape this spring! Use code: SPRINGBACK for 10% off your order. 

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