how to increase breast milk naturally at home

7 Must-Try Tips to Increase Breast Milk Naturally At Home

Most new, breastfeeding mothers want to increase their breast milk naturally, while at home. A low milk supply is one of the most common concerns for new mothers, and sadly a large reason for ending their breastfeeding journey early! If you believe you aren't making enough breast milk, make sur eyou know the true signs of a dropping supply, and read these must-try tips to increase your supply at home. 

How to know if your supply is really low?

One of the most obvious signs your milk supply is lower than it should be is your baby's weight gain. Newborns typically lose some weight in the first week or so, as they learn to breastfeed, but overall, your new baby should be gaining the appropriate amount of weight. Your pediatrician will mention to you if your baby is not gaining enough weight. If this is happening, this could mean your supply isn't enough, but there could be many other factors involved like a tongu-tie or improper latching. 


Another sign your milk supply may be low is the number of soiled or wet diapers baby has. If your baby is seeming dehydrated with very few wet diapers, they could be not getting enough milk. 

It is important to understand that a lack of weight gain and soiled diapers doesn't mean that your supply is low, but it is a possible reason. If you are going back to work, or know you need to increase your supply, here's the tricks you must try. 

Must-Try Tips to Increase Breast Milk Naturally At Home

1. Start your day with lactation shakes: 

Lactation shakes are amazing for helping ot increase milk supply naturally. Lactation shakes or smoothies combine nutrition and powerful ingredients that allow your body to naturally produce more milk. Milk Dust is an amazing, propietary-formula of nutrients and herbs that are needed during lactation. Milk Dust was developed by working with medical professionals to ensure that the increased nutrient needs during lactation were met with the highest quality ingredients. The shakes taste amazing, and help curb sugar cravings too! You can get the free recipe book, and read 5 reasons thousands of mamas are switching to Milk Dust. Whether you choose to use Milk Dust or not, a lactation shake is a simple way to start your morning at home, while giving your supply a boost naturally. 


2. Allow baby to feed longer at each session: 

Another simple way to increase your supply at home is to allow your baby to feed longer at each feeding session. This will encourage more milk coming out, which tells your body to increase production. Basically, you want to allow baby to get your breast as empty as possible, so when you think baby is finished, encourage them to try and suck a little longer. Even if it is only 5 minutes longer on each side, it will make a difference in more milk being emptied, which can make a big difference in the amount your supply increases. This is a very simple trick that naturally increases supply at home. 

3. Add 3-5 extra feedings per day: 

In addition to encouraging baby to feed longer, also encourage baby to feed more often. You may not even realize that when baby is fussy around dinner time, they may want an extra feed. Try feeding for comfort too, which is one of the fastest ways to increase your supply at home. 

4. Wear baby skin-to-skin as often as possiple: 

Keeping baby close, with skin-to-skin contact an help increase your supply as well. The pheremones are really important to keeping the bond and the hormones going strong. While at home, wear baby in a wrap or carrier, and spend time just holding and rocking baby. 

5. Use a Hakaa or manual pump on the opposite side of baby: 

A super simple, and natural way to get more milk is to use a manual pump, or a Hakaa on the opposite side while baby is nursing. The trick is to catch and encourage the let down, then nurse baby on that side after it is already emptied. This will encourage more production, and it is so simple. The next time, switch sides, so you can get more out of the other side as well. 

6. Check your baby's latch:

Another important tip is to check your baby's latch, A good latch allows baby to empty the breast with less work. A lactation consultant is your best bet when it comes to help with this. 

7. Stay super hydrated (it's more than drinking more water):

Staying hydrated is so much more than just drinking more water. In order to hold on to your water, you need minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium to help your body hold onto hydration. Milk Dust offers some minerals, and you can add hydration drinks into your diet to ensure you get enough minerals to help increase hydration. You can read our post about Body Armour for milk supply too. 

There you have 7 must-try tips to increase your breast milk naturally at home. All of these tips are ways that work with your body, so it can produce more milk for your baby. Don't ignore reasons your milk supply may be low. One of the main reasons women experience a low supply is a lack of nutrition and proper nourishment. With the demands of a new baby, lack of sleep, and overall stressful days, it is really hard to put diet and nutrition first. That is where Milk Dust is an amazing solution to help with proper nourishment and milk supply. 


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