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Why Does The Body Armour Drink Increase Milk Supply?

Many breastfeeding mamas are raving about how the body armour drink increases milk supply. It has become a wide-spread breastfeeding hack for mamas needing to increase milk supply fast. You might be wondering if it is something you should try, and exactly why it works. Here are some details to help you decide if it will work for you! 

What is the Body Armour drink?

The Body Armour drink is an electrolyte drink that increases hydration. It is made with coconut water and includes potassium, Vitamins A, C, E and B Vitamins. It is gluten-free and free of caffeine. There are also many different flavors including Blue Raspberry, Berry Lemonade and Blackout Berry. Each bottle contains 120 calories and 28 grams of sugar (not good, and we'll get into that in a bit!). 

How does the Body Armour drink increase milk supply?

Body Armour is not scientifically proven to increase milk supply, but many mamas have reported an increase in supply after drinking this drink. It definitely can increase your supply because of the infused vitamins. As we've mentioned on our blog many times, the key to an increased milk supply is nutritional support. Milk Dust focuses on supporting postnatal nutrition through a variety of nutrients including protein, antioxidants, lactation herbs and more. Body Armour offers a similar approach with the infused vitamins and electrolytes. Many mamas aren't getting adequate nutrition, so the extra nutrients from the Body Armour help increase milk supply. 

Science doesn't have any studies on electrolytes for increaseing milk supply. There was a study done on women in China, and water intake while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is some of the closest studies we have to rely on when looking at Body Armour and its effects on milk supply. We can hope that increased liquid overall can improve milk supply. 

The cons of Body Armour for increasing milk supply:

Body Armour is almost pure sugar. Aside from some of the electrolytes and vitamins, the rest of the drink is all sugar. There isn't even any protein or fiber to balance the sugar intake, which can wreak havok on your blood sugar levels. Drinking Body Armour without any extra food and nutrients will cause an extreme spike in blood sugar, while will result in extreme hunger and sugar cravings after. If you struggle with sugar cravings and appetite control, Body Armour is not the best choice for you. Plain coconut water, or a protein shake like Milk Dust is a much better choice for you. Milk Dust has just a few grams of sugar per serving combined with protein, fiber, superfoods, important nutrients like folate and vitamin B12, as well as a propietary sugar-craving blend that reduces sugar cravings. 

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milk dust and body armour to increase milk supply

What should I eat with the Body Armour drink to increase my supply?

If you want to drink Body Armour to increase your milk supply, make sure your diet is full of protein and fiber to help balance the blood sugar spike from the sugar. Even better, drink your Body Armour followed by a Milk Dust smoothie for a super milk boost! The electrolytes in the Body Armour, combined with the propietary lactation blend in Milk Dust can really do wonders for your milk supply. 

Some additional foods to combine with Body Armour include: 

- Oatmeal

- Trail Mix

- Veggies and Hummus

- Protein Shakes

- Greek Yogurt and Fruit

- Chia Seed Pudding

Make sure to check out our recipes page for some delicious ways to include Milk Dust in your diet. 

How fast does Body Armour increase milk supply?

Depending on where you are at with your milk supply and nutrition, Body Armour can work right away! The key is that your body needs the nutrients, and as soon as it gets them, it can start producing more breast milk. If you combine your Body Armour with a great pumping schedule and lots of skin to skin breastfeeding, and you can see an increase in your supply immediately. 



Additional drinks to increase milk supply

If you are looking for some drink options to increase your milk suppy, choose ones that are natural, low in sugar, and full of as many nutrients as possible. Some of these include: 

- Coconut Water

- Powerade

- Starbuks Pink Drink (plus some secret drinks!)

- Herbal Teas

For a full list of lactation drinks, read this completel list! Grab our free lactation smothie recipe book to get started on increasing your milk supply immediately!