what to drink to increase breast milk

Here's What To Drink To Increase Breast Milk Supply

Lactation drinks are a great way to increase breast milk production, while also being easy and convenient for nursing mamas. There are numerous drinks that work wonders to transform a low milk supply, and taste great at the same time. For new moms that believe they aren't producing enough breast milk for their baby, being able to sip on something quick and easy may be the best way to start increasing their breast milk supply. There are many different options when it comes to a lactation drink, and most of the time there is something for everyone, depending on preference.

What exactly is a lactation drink?

Lactation drinks are any beverage that include milk-boosting ingredients like herbs, nutrients and electrolytes. Lactation drinks come in many forms, and there are many options that work very well for breastfeeding mamas who aren't producing enough milk. Lactation drinks have been used for centuries by midwives and mothers to increase milk supply, but mostly they came in the form of teas. Today, there are so many more options for breastfeeding mamas to choose from. Lactation drinks consist of lactogenic foods or ingredients like brewer’s yeast, fennel seeds, coconut milk, oatmeal etc, in a drink form. This is usually a smoothie blended with all the ingredients, but there are some great supplements, protien powders and teas you can choose rom.


How to choose the right lactation drink:

Choosing the right lactation drink to increase your milk supply can seem overwhelming with the many options out there, but here are some places to start when trying to find the right one. 

- Consider what ingredients you want (are you looking for specific herbs?)

- What type of drink will fit into your schedule? 

- Do you like juice, tea or something more substantial?

- Are there any drinks you dislike?

The most important factor is if the lactation drink is something you like, and will use consistently to get the best results. 

What are some lactation drink options?

The best lactation drinks combine the powers of various ingredients together to get the best results. Of course, our Milk Dust is one of the highest rated lacation drinks, BUT there are still many great options out there that may help you. Here are some options to consider, when looking for the right lactation drink. 

1. Lactation Protein Powders: 

Lactation protein powders are amazing choices for lactation drinks because they combine more than just herbs. Protein powders for lactation offer other nutrients and essential protein, which nourishes too. Being a busy, breastfeeding mama, finding a solution that increases milk supply and offers essential nutrition for postpartum mamas is really important. Milk Dust offers so much more than a propietary lactation blend. Milk Dust offers essential superfoods like spinach, blueberries, chloriphyl and spirulina. In addition, Milk Dust has a propietary, milk-boosting protein blend including chia seed protein and pumpkin seed protein that offer even more nutrients for lactating mothers. You can blend Milk Dust with just water or milk and drink fast, or make a wonderful lactation smoothie. It is so full of superfoods, it can also work as a meal replacement! 

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2. Lactation Teas:

Lactation teas are another great lactation drink that are easy to make. There are numerous teas on the market, all containing various herbs like fenugreek, fennel seed and milk thistle. Fenugreek teas are very popular and often the most potent. You can drink as many cups of tea as necessary to see an increase in supply, and combine teas together to get a serious boost. The only missing factor to lactation teas, is that there is very little nutritional support. 

3. Electrolyte Drinks: 

Some mamas respond well to electrolyte drinks. These drinks increase hydration, which can sometimes be a simple fix to increasing supply. Some mothers just need an extra boost of electrolytes in their system to get their supply up. These drinks don't work for lower supplies, but can work great for small dips or increases. These drinks can be as simple as gatorade or powerade, or coconut water. 

4. Lactation Smoothies: 

Lactation smoothies usually combine ingredients like oatmeal, bananas, brewer's yeast, flax seeds and peanut butter. By blending some super foods together, you can create a smoothie that nourishes and increases supply. This is the same concept of the protein powder, where there's nutritional support in addtion to lactation support. Lactation smoothies can make great breakfasts, or quick meals that take little prep and clean up. The wonderful thing about adding a lactatoin protein powder like Milk Dust is that you get an amazing texture, consistency and flavor with a huge bonus of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

5 Amazing Lactation Smoothie Recipes:






5. Lactation Lattes: 

Lactation drinks with coffee are growing in popularity because you can kill two birds with one stone. Have your coffee and lactation drink at the same time. Milk Dust in particular mixes very well with coffee. We have a list of super tasty, Starbucks recipes with Milk Dust. 


Lactation lattes, or coffee drinks are super easy to make, and they taste so delicious! 

How to make a lactation latte: 

Making an amazing lactation latte is one of the best lactation drinks. The only item you really need is your milk frother and lactation protein powder (Milk Dust Fudge Brownie is AMAZING with coffee!)

- Start with your favorite coffee, hot or cold. 

- In a separate cup, have 1 cup of your milk of choice ready for frothing. Add 1 scoop of your Milk Dust lactation protein powder to your milk. Froth the mixture together. 

- Pour milk and Milk Dust over your coffee and drink! 

How to use lactation drinks to increase milk supply:

Once you've found a lactation drink that you like, you want to start drinking your lactation drink daily. Depending on how much you need to increase your milk supply, you may want to drink your tea, or lactation shake twice a day. 

Combining your lactation drink with a healhy, nutritious diet is very important. Nutrition plays a major role in supporting hormonal function, which is essential to lactation. 

Combine your lactation drink with a balanced diet for breastfeeding for the best results:

Nutrition plays a major role in milk supply and hormonal function for a nursing mother. Lactation cookies are popular, and they can be helpful in the short term, but they don't solve the major issue of proper nourishent for postpartum healing, recovering and lactation. There are many factors involved if you aren't producing much milk, but often times the underlying causes are from nutrient deficiencies. A breastfeeding mom needs more nutrients than a non-lactating woman, but the good news is that simple diet changes with nutritional supplements can really help new mothers transform their milk supply.

What does a healthy diet for breastfeeding look like?

Increasing your intake of high-quality, nutrient-dense grains like brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes is a great way to get your supply going. Combine those carbs with lean protein (Milk Dust is amazing and tastes delicious!), green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and beans and many of your nutritional needs will be met. But, some mothers are low in vitamin b, which can play a major role in low milk supply. Milk Dust is specifically formulated with vitamin b 12 and folate (not synthetic folic acid!) to help ensure there is no deficiency.

In order to know how and what to eat, we have a free meal plan to help you get started, so you can get started right away on eating to increase your milk supply.


If you are struggling with milk supply, and looking for a quick drink to help you Milk Dust has sample packs available, so you can try it and see if it works for you. We also have some great tips you can read from a lactation consultant that she's found work well for most mamas!