Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Meal Plan (it will keep your milk!)

Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Meal Plan (it will keep your milk!)

A meal plan is key to losing weight while breastfeeding. Meal planning is very challenging as a new, breastfeeding mama, but with just a bit of planning, all the sugar cravings and extreme hunger can be completely avoided. It is really important to properly set up your meal plan to encourage yur milk supply, while also helping your body burn fat. We have a free, 10-day milk supply diet transformation below, that you can join, as well as a free printable you can grab in this post! Scroll down for the 14 fast and healthy breastfeeding foods for weight loss too!

A breastfeeding meal plan for weight loss MUST consist of the proper foods, or your milk supply can tank, and you will be starving. Click here to grab your sample meal plan, to get you started, and make sure to grab our full, 10-day plan with recipes!


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How to make a meal plan for weight loss while breastfeeding

There are some key factors that will ensure you create a successful meal plan for breastfeeding and weight loss, so your milk supply won't go south. Here are the factors to follow:

Never reduce calories dramatically. Instead, reduce empty calories

This means that you want to replace foods, rather than eliminate snacks and meals. For example, if you normally crave sugar and sweets in the late afternoon, rather than having your usual cookie, grab a delicious Milk Dust Bar that tastes like dessert, yet fills your body with hand-picked nutrients for breastfeeding mamas. If you love dessert at night, try making an oreo lactation shake, so you can replace the normally empty calorie meal with a protein shake full of milk-boosting herbs, vitamins and minerals to nourish your body instead.

Focus on protein and fiber at every meal and snack

Protein and fiber together ensure that you will feel full and satisfied. By ensuring you have a protein, veggie and/or fruit at every snack and meal, you will be filling your body with nutrient-dense calories that also fill up your stomach. Protein and fiber are really important to combatting the intense hunger that can be really difficult while breastfeeding. You might also like: 6 Reasons You're Constantly Hungry and Gaining Weight While Breastfeeding

Take advantage of one-handed meals:

Don't do a lot of cooking while breastfeeding and caring for a new baby. Get frozen vegetables, make lots of smoothies, use our healthy lactation bars, and batch cook your proteins. If your meals are too complicated, and require a lot of prep, cooking and cleaning, the meal plan will feel too overwhelming to stick too. Check out: Skinny and Milk-Boosting Lactation Smoothie Recipes That Work!

17 Easy foods to include in your breastfeeding meal plan

There are many, healthy foods you want to include in your breastfeeding meal plan, but not all of them are easy to prepare and eat while trying to lose weight and nursing. This is a great checklist of foods that are super quick and easy to prepare, as well as extremely nourishing for milk supply.
  • Apples, oranges and grapes (these are easy fruits to pack and take on the go too!)
  • Milk Dust Bars (amazing for the diaper bag, hospital bag and the car!)
  • Deli Turkey (easy to wrap in high-fiber wraps, lettuce or on cucumber slices!)
  • Sweet potatoes (easy to cook in microwave)
  • Milk Dust Protein (quick and easy to shake up in a shaker bottle or blend in smoothie)
  • Instant oatmeal (for overnight oats, or quick oats in the morning)
  • Pre-washed and cut lettuce (easy to toss for a salad)
  • Rotisserie chicken (already cooked in grocery store)
  • Hard-boied eggs (easy to grab!)
  • Chickpeas, black beans and other beans (super easy to throw on a salad)
  • Frozen fruit (always fast and easy for smoothies!)
  • Frozen, steamable veggie bags (microwave bags of veggies for fast prep!)
  • Frozen turkey burger patties (these can be really handy and delicious!)
  • 100 % dark chocolate unsweetened (amazing for chocolate cravings)
  • Milk Dust Fudge Brownie protein (late-night milk shakes!)

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Planning your meals with fast, and healthy options can really impact the success of your breastfeeding meal plan. Aslo read: The Healthy Breastfeeding Snack List For Milk Supply + Weight Loss

What foods are important to eliminate in your breastfeeding meal plan for weight loss?

There are some foods that are important to eliminate in your meal plan. These foods lack nutrients, and ultimately offer empty calories. These are also foods that will negatively affect your blood sugar. Balancing blood sugar is really important to ensuring that you don't have intense cravings, while also keeping hormones level. Blood sugar can impact hormone levels, which can also impact milk supply levels.

The big list of foods to never have in your breastfeeding diet plan for weight loss:

  • Ice cream (all fat and sugar - don't do it! Try this snickers milkshake instead!)
  • Chips and crackers (full of carbs and calories - no nutrients)
  • Cheese (just adds extra fat and calories. Not ideal for weight loss)
  • High-fat meats (lean meats are great, extra fat is not for weight loss)
  • Candy and chocolates (these add sugar and fat, with no nutrients!)
  • Deep fried foods (very high in fat and low in nutrients)
  • Processed foods (look at ingredient lists for chemicals)
By eliminating these foods, you can really help your body function properly, let go of fat, and still produce all the breast milk that your baby needs.

How soon can you start losing weight with this breastfeeding diet meal plan?

There are so many factors that contribute to losing weight, but if you start by following these key factors, your nutrient intake will increase, and empty calorie intake decrease. That alone will help your calorie consumption balance out, without affecting your milk supply. If you can eat a clean, lean diet 80% of each day, that is a great way to start! Our free, 10-day sugar detox is a great plan to follow, with more details to help you do this. Ideally, if you reduce your calories naturally, by choosing healthier foods, you will start losing 1-2 lbs in a week. Some mamas lose more in just 10 days following our plan, without losing milk at all!

Will your breastfeeding diet and meal plan affect your milk supply?

Your diet in general can absolutely affect your milk supply. First and foremost, if you reduce calories too much with your meal plan, your milk supply may suffer. What most moms do by accident, is they reduce calories and nutrients by eating less. By focusing on nutrients, rather than calories, you can keep your milk supply and still lose weight. Read next: How A Nursing Mother Can Lose Weight Safely Let us know if you try any of our recipes in our breastfeeding diet meal plan for losing weight. We want to hear your success and see what you make!