How Milk Dust Promotes Milk Supply + Weight Loss Safely

How Milk Dust Promotes Milk Supply + Weight Loss Safely

Milk Dust offers breastfeeding and postpartum mamas much needed help to properly nourish their bodies, as well as combat the intense sugar and carbohydrate cravings that seem to plague lactating mamas. Milk Dust offers hand-picked ingredients by Katie, a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Founder of The Postpartum Cure and mom of three boys. Each ingredient serves an immensely important purpose for both mama and baby, which is why Milk Dust is in demand world wide. Breastfeeding mothers everywhere are searching for nutritional guidance and help to produce a healthy milk supply, while also getting back into shape after baby. Taking a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy is widely advocated by doctors everywhere to support the growth of baby inside the womb, but what about mama and baby when nutritional needs actually increase, and the postpartum phase, or fourth trimester begins? Nutrition during lactation deserves just as much attention and importance as pre-natal nutritional support, so Milk Dust is here to offer a clean, safe, high-quality protein powder that supports the very important nutritional needs of both mama and baby. You can read about the 5 critical nutrients breastfeeding mamas need, which are discussed in detail. These nutrients are absolutely included in Milk Dust. They are Protein, organic fruits, B12 and L-Methylfolate, Omega-3 sources (flax seed protein), and Zinc. Zinc is a very important nutrient that babies need as well. In addition to these 5 essential macro and micro nutrients, Milk Dust offers sugar craving blend that helps regulate blood sugar and cravings. This blend includes Chromium, which is often associated with sugar cravings. A deficiency in Chromium can cause a consistent, difficult-to-resist, craving for carbohydrates and sugar. Another piece of this blend includes cinnamon bark, which has been proven in studies to balance blood sugar and manage cravings. This is a TREMENDOUS help for mamas who are working hard to lose the baby weight, but can't seem to get a handle on their cravings for things like cookies, chocolate, nutella and brownies. These are the most popular cravings mentioned by members of The Postpartum Cure.

While balancing your blood sugar and minimizing sugar cravings, Milk Dust is encouraging your milk supply with lactation-boosting ingredients.

Many of the lactation-boosting ingredients you've read about are packaged together to offer an impressive blend for a healthy milk supply. This is incredibly helpful for mamas who are scared to lose any milk supply as they start dieting and working out. This is usually the point where most mamas give up. They start reducing calories and adding in workouts, and because their nutrition is deficient in essential nutrients, they experience a dip in milk supply. No more milk fears with Milk Dust. You can start losing weight, eating healthy and working out, while still nourishing your body and supporting your milk supply for growing baby.

Is Milk Dust the perfect solution?

No, the perfect solution is your own garden of fruits and vegetables and personal chickens, cows and goats. Realistically, our world is far from the perfect solution for nutrition, but we sure can get close. Supplements like Milk Dust are here to help, support and encourage a healthy lifestyle in the midst of this busy world. Mothers are busier than ever, and products like Milk Dust offer quick solutions that are far better than packaged/processed chips, crackers, breads, fast food and more. To help, Milk Dust presents a unique, probiotic and enzyme blend that helps your body digest and absorb all the nutrients and proteins in the powder. This is actually very, very important because as our bodies get accustomed to digesting fake-food, we lose a lot of enzymes and bacteria necessary to break down and absorb the fiber and protein in real foods. Adding in probiotics and enzymes not only helps you digest Milk Dust, but they continue to work for all your meals and heal your gut balance! Milk Dust was created because breastfeeding mamas need help. There is a gap in nutritional products that are clean, healthy, and supportive of postpartum nutritional needs. There is also no support at all for weight loss while breastfeeding. There are natural and healthy foods and herbs that can help breastfeeding mamas fight the intense cravings and nutritional deficiencies that arise during while breastfeeding.