Postpartum Summer Slim Down Challenge For Breastfeeding Moms

Postpartum Summer Slim Down Challenge For Breastfeeding Moms

You have 3 goals to hit daily for 10 days to help you lose weight, not milk! 

We want to do this with as many mamas as possible, so please share and invite others! 

We start June 7th, and the details are listed below! We also give you a free workout plan you can follow!

This is so simple, and your Milk Dust smoothie can take the place of one meal, or you can shake it up quick as a snack. No matter how you get it in, we want to ensure you are nourishing your body and milk supply.

Working out with a baby is hard, but so important! Your goal is to get your workout in every day (except one rest day) for the next 10 days. Working out will give you more energy for your little one, build muscle and burn calories. You can follow our free workout plan, or do any workout plan you like!

Sharing on social media will help keep you accountable to your goals, and encourage other mamas to join you! We want to foster a community of health, nutrients and feeling your best as a new mommy!

What else do you get with the challenge?

We will send you recipes, encouragement, and secret discount codes to keep you going strong!