5 Secret Habits To Become A Fit Mom in 2024

5 Secret Habits To Become A Fit Mom in 2024

Becoming the fit mom has different meanings for everyone, but I think we all know, as new moms, the image we have in our minds of what we want to look like and feel like. Maybe it's the Lululemon outift, or the amazing meal prep recipes, or just the videos of fit moms on Instagram getting in their workouts. There's an aesthetic or vibe that comes along with becoming that fit mom, and I think it's more of an emtional state than physical. 

Becoming the fit mom means becoming the healthiest version of yourself inside and out. That means getting physically active, meal prepping delicious and nutrient-dense foods, and taking care of yourself! 

When these habits start sticking, the healthy, fit mom aesthetic and vibe starts really coming together! 

How to become a “Fit Mom” in 2024

I wanted to break down how to become that fit mom into steps, so you can become the healthiest version of yourself! I also have a great, free, 30-day fitmama challenge that is perfect to jump start your fitmom healthy era in 2024!

Make Your Vision Board:

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You need to visualize who you want to be this year. Visualize what your grocery cart looks like, what meals you're going to make, and your workouts. I find that a vision board is so motivating! If you look at it every day, you can stay focused on your goals and who you want to become. 

Remember, it isn't about looking a certain way, but it it is about creating habits that make you feel a cerain way, which usually results in a certain aesthetic! 

Overall, the goalis to figure out what a healthy, fit mom aesthetic looks like for you. 

Plan your workout time and space: 

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Making a space at home to workout, or planning when you are going to go to your workout spot is really important. Maybe your plan is to run outside, or workout in your bedroom. As moms, we have to fit in our workout space normally wherever we have extra space, but you can make a workout corner with baskets to hold your weights and a mat, or maybe you have an extra room you can make into somewhere you want to go. 

The goal is to make a space you like. If you enjoy your workout space, you are more likely to want to spend time there! 

If you need a great home workout, specifically for healing diastasis recti and your mommy pooch, grab this plan! 

Plan Your Protein Shakes: 

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I have found that protein shakes are amazing for breastfeeding mamas to lose weight, get back in shape and keep up your milk supply. Protein is essential for postpartum recovery, protecting muscle and keeping your supply up. Planning when you are going to have your protein shakes each day can really help you make sure that happens. 

When is a good time for you to have your shake? Many mamas love their protein shake in the morning, when things are hectic and they need something fast. I always preferred a late-morning shake or post-workout shake. 

Grab your free, lactation protein shake recipe pack here! 

Milk Dust is specifically formulated for breastfeeding mamas. Milk Dust offers hand-picked nutrients that support post-natal depletion, lactation and recovery. Milk Dust has a blood sugar blend that balances your blood sugar and stops sugar cravings, while also offering a lactation blend to boost your milk supply! It is your best friend for weight loss while breastfeeding, and it tastes amazing by itself or blended as a delicious protein smoothie. 

Decide on your nutrition goals: 

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Setting some goals on your nutrition is really important. I highly recommend setting goals to eat more nutrient-dense foods at every meal or snack. Rather than eliminating foods, try focusing on better foods. 

This free, 10-day clean eating detox plan is a great place to start!

Eating clean is my go-to when it comes to getting healthy and fit again. I have found that eating clean, nutrient-dense foods goes a long way for breastfeeding mamas. There are no restrictions on calories or macros, BUT you have to focus on your Milk Dust protein shakes, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and nuts. 

In doing this, you can really lose a good amount of weight, while actually increasing your milk supply. The Milk Dust protein shakes add in all the essential nutrients you need to keep your supply up and boost your metabolism, while all the clean, nutrient-dense foods make you feel super full and satisfied! 

Plan your meal prep:  

meal prep for breastfeeding

Meal prepping is important to success in getting fit and healthy. This 28-day clean eating plan for breastfeeding has some amazing recipes you can prep and follow to ensure you get your nutrition in. 

Following a nutrition plan is really helpful when it comes to meal prepping. If you are focusing on eating nutrient-dense foods, batch cook your favorites for the week. Make extra lean chicken, cook extra turkey burgers and bulk make your smoothie packs to when life gets exhausting a breastfeeding mama, you are prepared. 

I highly recomend you join the 30-day fitmama challenge! It is a great workout program with nutrition guide to get you into your healthy fitmom era for 2024!