starbucks lactation drinks to order today

Surprising Starbucks Lactation Drinks To Order Today

There are some surprising drinks at Starbucks that you can order to increase your milk supply. If you love Starbucks, and want to order something that will boost your milk supply, here is a list of drinks you need to try to help your milk supply increase quickly. 

Keep in mind, our Fudge Brownie and Sweet Vanilla protein powder taste amazing with coffee! We have a bunch of Starbucks hacks that taste amazing! These are super easy and fast ways to get your Starbucks and increase milk supply with our protein powder! We have recipes for: 

- Pumpkin Spice Frapp

- Carmel Iced Coffee

- Vanilla Cream Iced Coffee

- Iced Mocha Fudge

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Here are some lactation-boosting Starbucks drinks you can order off the menu: 

Starbucks Pink Drink: 

starbucks pink drink for lactation

The Starbucks pink drink is the most popular for increasing milk supply. It is an acai berry tea with coconut milk. Acai berry is a great antioxidant, and coconut milk is full of vitamins and minerals that support overal hydration and nutrition. Breastfeeding moms swear by this drink, though there are no studies to prove it. Because of all the craze, it seems that there doesn't need to be any studies. The pink drink is an iced berry tea, with freeze dried strawberries and coconut milk. Think of a pink starbursts! Still, without any scientific backing, we can't determine exactlyl what may increase your milk supply, but we do know that red raspberry leaf tea is a big helper in lactation (it's in our protein powder), so the acai berry tea and strawberries may have simularities to the Red Raspberry Leaf. 

Vanlla Oatmilk Steamer: 

An oatmilk steamer, or latte if you drink some coffe, can be a great drink to help boost your milk supply. Oatmilk comes from oatmeal, which is a very common milk-supply-booster. Adding a couple pumps of vanilla gives a sweet taste, The plant-based compound, with the nutrients from the oats, nourish breastfeeding mamas to help support lactation. You can also add a scoop of Milk Dust Sweet Vanilla to oatmilk, and it makes an amazing, super-milk-booster! Milk Dust has more than just one ingredient to support milk supply, and adds a whole list of hand-picked nutrients that breastfeeding mamas need. It is a great lactation-booster to add to your oatmilk steamer too! 

Starbucks Chai Tea:

starbucks chai lactation latte

Chai tea blends together many different herbs and spices that can be beneficial for milk supply. Chai tea blends specifically have cardamom seed, which is said to support lactation. There are popular teas that blend Shatavari root with cardamom to increase milk supply. Our Milk Dust Fenugreek-Free formula uses a blend of Shatavari root, cinnamon bark, fennel seed, milk thistle and red raspberry leaf to fully support lactation from many different ingredients. 

You can make a delicious Chai Tea Lactation Latte with Milk Dust at home every day! It tastes so good, and the recipe is here. 

Chai Cream Frappucino: 

starbucks chai cream lactation frappucino

Sticking with the chai theme, Starbucks also has a Chai Cream Frappucino on their menu, which will give you the same boost from all the delicious chai tea herbs, but in a blended drink. This is great for summer time, and you can choose to blend it with oatmilk as well. 

Iced Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew: 

This is a drink that isn't on the menu specifically, but it is very easy to order. Just order a cold brew coffee with coconut milk, then ad a pump or two of vanilla syrup. It tastes so good, and coconut milk is awesome for milk supply. You could also do a coconut milk latte or americano too if you like a hot coffee. The key is to choose cooconut milk to give your body the extra healthy fats that can enter your breast milk for baby. 

There you have some surprising Starbucks drinks that will boost your milk supply! If you love coffee, and you need to boost your milk supply, try this recipe like now! 

ice lactation mocha


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