protein shakes for weight loss while breastfeeding

Should You Use Protein Shakes For Weight Loss While Breastfeeding?

Protein shakes are an amazing tool for weight loss while breastfeeding because they offer essential nutrients and protein, and they are very quick and easy for new mamas to make. We have some amazing recipes for protein shakes and smoothies in our free ebook you have to grab. 

According to the American Society of Nutrition, "During lactation, a woman must eat an adequate amount of protein in order to maintain her own muscle mass, while also providing adequate nutrition to the infant through breast milk."

weight loss protein shake while breastfeeding

Can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding?

Protein is essential for breastfeeding and postpartum, and protein shakes can be a great method to ensure you are getting enough protein while breastfeeding. Protein shakes are a resource breastfeeding mamas can use to ensure they are getting adequate protein every day for breastfeeding. Research states that lactating mothers need about 15-25 grams extra of protein per day. Most protein shakes, like Milk Dust, have somewhere between 10-20 grams. Milk Dust offers 16 grams per serving, which makes it very simple to get your extra protein in just one quick scoop. 

Does protein increase milk supply?

Protein is full of nutrients that are essential to breast milk production, and the protein flows through to breast milk for the new baby. Various studies show that an increase in protein intake of around 20g per day resulted in an increase of milk volume. Protein can be a key nutrient when wanting to increase your milk supply for going back to work, or establishing a good freezer stash. Milk Dust combines protein, with lactation herbs and other essential nutrients, which makes it a full spectrum lactation booster! 

What makes a protein shake safe while breastfeeding?

Protein shakes are safe for breastfeeding if the ingredients are high-quality and non-GMO. It is important to avoid artificial sweeteners and ingredients that could cause an allergy in baby. Corn, Soy and Gluten can all be irritants for newborns, so finding a good brand that is concious of these issues makes the protein powder even safer. 

It is always important to check with your doctor if you have any concerns with an increased intake of protein. Vegan and plant-based proteins contain pea proteins and seed proteins, so make sure you have no allergies to seeds or legumes. 

Milk Dust is a vegan, allergy-friendly protein made here in the US. This ensures the ingredients are high-quality. It is also third-party tested for heavy metals, which is really important when looking for a safe protein powder while breastfeeding. 

Does protein help with weight loss while breastfeeding?

Protein really helps with weight loss while breastfeeding because it promotes an increased milk volume, and it promotes lean muscle mass which burns more calories and drives metabolism. Protein is also thermogenic, meaning it burns more calories to digest than other macronutrients. It also aids in feeling full. Protein helps you feel more satisfied, which can also reduce sugar cravings. This makes weight loss and healthy eating just a little bit easier while hungry and breastfeeding. 

Protein helps combat breastfeeding hunger too.

A major road block in weight loss while breastfeeding is hunger. Many mamas find themselves starving all the time. Many new moms reach for quick fixes like snacks, crackers, and lactation cookies to keep hunger down. Choosing protein-rich snacks is key to combatting the nagging hunger. Milk Dust also has bars that are super easy to pack, delicious, milk-boosting and low sugar! Having these high-protein snacks on hand, as well as quick and easy protein shakes are a game-changer when it comes to reducing hunger. 

protein shake for losing weight while breastfeeding

How to use protein shakes for weight loss while breastfeeding: 

Protein shakes are such a great tool for weight loss during lactation.

They are easy to blend together, or shake with milk or water, full of nutrients that are essential for lactation and taste amazing! 

To use protein shakes for weight loss, start by replacing one meal with a protein shake or smoorhie.

Most mamas choose to replace breakfast with a shake, but you can also replace lunch or even dessert. Protein shakes can make a great, sweet dessert to help replace the typical bowl of ice cream. 

Milk Dust blends really well with a lot! Try it with milk and ice cubes for a fast shake, or throw in some oatmeal and frozen berries for a full smoothie. Many mamas love it mixed in their coffee for a lactation latte. 

The key is to find a way to drink it that you love, then replace a meal with your shake. Follow that up with eating a very nutrient-dense diet, and you will start seeing some results on the scale, without losing any ounces. 

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