best meal replacement shake for breastfeeding

The #1 Meal Replacement Shake for Breastfeeding Mamas

A meal replacement shake is an amazing option for breastfeeding mamas. As a breastfeeding mama, it is difficult to get any sort of meal in at all, so a quick and nutritious shake can really help when it comes to getting in the proper nutrition. 

Milk Dust is the #1 meal replacement protein shake for breastfeeding mamas, for many reasons. It was formulated by a mom of 4 and reviewed by nurses and doctors. It is supported and recommended in the medical community, in addition to being packed full of powerful ingredients for nourishment and milk supply. 

Are meal replacement shakes safe for breastfeeding?

Meal replacement shakes for breastfeeding mamas are safe as long as they've been formulated for lactation and postpartum specifically. There are many meal replacement shakes out there that are full of chemicals, artifcials sweeteners and nutrients that may be excess or unnecessary for breastfeeding mothers. Many breastfeeding mamas wonder what makes a meal replacement safe for breastfeeding?

If the meal replacement shake is: 

- Free of chemicals, Non-GMO

- Sweetened with natural sweeteners like Organic cane juice, monk fruit and Stevia

- Uses organic ingredients

- Made in USA

- Tested for heavy metals

Those are key factors to ensuring the shake is safe for both mom and baby. 

What is the difference between a protein shake and a meal replacement shake for breastfeeding?

breastfeeding meal replacement shake

A meal replacement shake offers more than just extra protein. Milk Dust, for example offers hand-picked nutrients that support postpartum recovery and lactation. A protein shake offers extra protien, and maybe some extra nutrients, but it is not meant to fully replace the nutritional value of a meal. 

Milk Dust offers essential protein, so it is also a protein shake, but ultimately so much more. Milk Dust includes blends of nutrients for specific purposes. The lactation blend offers various herbs and ingredients to support lactation. The blood sugar blend includes specific vitamins and minerals to regulate blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings. The greens blend includes super power foods like spirulina, chlorella, spinach and blueberries for antioxidants, phytonutrients and increased nutritional value. 

Protein shakes don't offer the extent of nutrition a meal replacement shake like Milk Dust offers. This is key in helping busy, breastfeeding mamas nourish themselves and support their bodies through postpartum. 


How many times do you drink a meal replacement shake?

As a breastfeeding mama, your nutritional needs are much greater than if you aren't lactating. Typically, a meal replacement shake is meant to replace one meal. However, if a newborn has you barely able to make toast, then you can drink it more than once a day. 

A meal replacement shake should also be combined with a healthy diet as much as possible. There are some quick foods you can add to your diet to ensure you are getting nutrients from many sources: 

Fast and healhy foods for breastfeeding: 

- Bananas (full of minerals, fiber and essential carbohydrates)

- Nuts (full of fiber, protein and healthy fats)

- Instant oatmeal (fiber, complex carbohydrates)

- Hard boiled eggs (protein, choline, vitamin B)

- Greek yogurt (high protein) 

- Avocado toast (fiber, protein, healthy fats)

- Milk Dust Bars (all the amazing nutrients in our shake, but bar form!)

These are just a few quick and healthy options you can add to your day to help you get even more nutrients in with your shake. Keeping a nutrient-dense diet is key to losing the extra pregnancy weight as well. Many nursing mamas want to use meal replacement shakes as a tool for weight loss as well. 

Will a meal replacement shake help with weight loss for breastfeeding?

The short answer is yes. A meal replacment can be a very helpful to losing weight while breastfeeding because it is lower in calories than a full meal, yet provides more nutrients than a typical meal. 

Losing weight while breastfeeding is much different than just losing weight. A calorie-strict diet is not recommended, and should not be used with a meal replacement shake. 

We have a great 10-day detox that focuses on nutrient-dense foods, rather can watching calories, and we also have a free lactatoin smoothie recipe book that can really help you jump start your weight loss in a safe way. 

You can combine our eating plans with this 30-day workout plan and start feeling better in just a month! 

Can you workout while taking a meal replacement shake and breastfeeding?

Working out will increase your calorie burn while breastfeeding, so if you do workout while taking your meal replacement shake, you will need to increase your calorie intake to support your milk supply. 

Milk Dust makes a great post-workout shake because it supports your body's recovery with essential protein, as well as your milk supply. 


Do meal replacement shakes increase milk supply?

Milk Dust includes science-backed ingredients and herbs to increase milk supply. There are very few meal replacement shakes that are formulated to increase milk supply, as well as nourish postpartum. A standard meal replacement could increase milk supply if it offers the right nutritional support, but if it isn't formulated specifically for lactation, then it most-likely will not increase supply. 

If you need help increasing milk supply, you can try one of our sample packs to see if Milk Dust works for you. The key is to ensure your suppy is where you need it to be before trying to diet and exercise. 

If you're struggling to produce enough milk you can read these tips from our lactation consultant: