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Milk Dust is specifically formulated with the highest quality, organic ingredients that promote nutritional excellence in breastfeeding mamas, while also curbing sugar cravings that often inhibit weight loss in breastfeeding mamas.

Milk Dust is here to ensure you are getting the most important nutrients in your body as a postpartum, breastfeeding mama, while also promoting and increasing your milk supply with specific, milk-boosting herbs. Nutrition is your key to health and wellness as a new mama, but it is often difficult to quickly make healthy, nutrient-dense foods on the fly, while holding a baby and wiping a runny nose.

Picky toddlers and significant others can cause even more stress, and moms are left with what’s left…the leftovers.

Your nutrition should not be left overs.

Your nutrition as a new mama should be a priority, and now it doesn’t have to be overwhelming – at all. Protein shakes made with Milk Dust will offer your body literally GOLD. Think of this as your magic gold dust that goes into your body, absorbs and leaves you and baby flying on a cloud of nutrients.

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You can lose the weight and have your milk supply too.

How does Milk Dust Promote Weight Loss + Lactation? Let’s Go Over The Ingredients:

Milk Dust is chalk full of lactation-boosting ingredients like fenugreek, milk thistle, fennel seed, brewers yeast and Raspberry Leaf. All of these ingredients combined give you a magic potion to boost your milk fast. In addition to these specific ingredients, the protein blend also has secondary milk-boosting ingredients including pumpkin seed protein, chia seed protein, flaxseed protein and tumeric. All of these ingredients have been show to help milk supply as well!

How Does Milk Dust Curb Sugar Cravings?

Sugar cravings is one of the most difficult aspects of losing weight while breastfeeding, and many times this is an issue of mineral and nutrient deficiencies, causing your body to crave glucose. Your body is sending craving signals in hopes you will eat something with more nutrients. Milk Dust holds a unique combination of Chromium, Magnesium, Cinnamon Bark, Zinc and Folic Acid. Chromium and Magnesium are essential minerals that many are deficient in, and these deficiencies result in very strong sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Zinc and Folic Acid are also two very important nutrients for mothers healing after baby. Zinc is an essential vitamin your body needs to repair cells and recover after birth. Folic Acid is not only needed during pregnancy, but also after baby arrives! Folic acid, an important nutrient for pregnancy, has been found to pass into breast milk. As of this time, this hasn’t been shown to harm nursing babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees with this finding. This agency has found folate to be safe with breastfeeding. It’s recommended that 500 daily micrograms (mcg.) be taken when nursing! Cinnoman bark has been found to help balance blood sugar, which will also help you keep your sugar cravings at bay, by not letting your blood sugar dip too low.

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Milk Dust also has a special, hand-picked blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics that will help digest and absorb the proteins and nutrients in the powder. THIS IS KEY!!! Consuming nutrients is one thing, but if your gut is out of wack, it won’t properly absorb the nutrients you consume. This can be very frustrating when trying to lose weight, eating tons of healthy foods, and still fighting off massive cravings.

Milk Dust Promotes Healthy Energy without Caffeine:

No need for extra caffeine to keep you going, and as a breastfeeding mama, you don’t want to take in too much caffeine at all! So, Milk Dust offers another solution, a unique greens/energy blend consisting of Spirulina, Chlorella, wheat grass, Vitamin B12 and tumeric. B12 can actually pass through breast milk to growing baby, and it is super important to help prevent anemia in postpartum mamas. B12 combines with the protein to digest and be absorbed into your system, and it will help with blood cells and nerve cells. Very important for energy levels! Spirulina is high in iron, Chlorella and Wheat Grass have been shown to help pull toxins out of your breast milk, in addition to giving mama a healthy boost of energy.



    • Milk Dust Reply

      Good question! We are starting with a sweet vanilla and Stevia (no bitter taste). This will help curb the sugar cravings, but leave no spike in blood sugar. After the first launch, as we get momentum moving and more exposure, we plan to launch a chocolate flavor.

  1. Ok thank you ! If you preorder today when can you expect to get Milk Dust

  2. Milk Dust Reply

    It won’t be out until this Spring! We will have manufacturing and shipping dates soon!

    • Milk Dust Reply

      We are hoping to keep it at the 49.99 mark with discount codes and subscription discounts as well. It will be on presale for 37.99 here very soon! By ordering pre-sale, you have to wait until Spring (right now April) for the product to arrive, but you get it at a much better price!

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