how to lose weight while breastfeeding without losing supply

How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Without Tanking Milk Supply

Breastfeeding often comes with the expectation for easy weight loss. So many moms have heard that the weight will just fall off naturally. This does not always happen, and many moms have to work much harder than expected to lose weight - or so they think. Losing weight naturally can happen while breastfeeding, with out embarking on an intense workout routine and restrictive diet. The key is to focus on hunger cues, nourishment, and overall daily movement. This is your complete guide to losing weight naturally while breastfeeding, without a specific diet or exercise program.

How To Lose The Weight Naturally While Breastfeeding:

Focus on hunger cures:

The first tip is to pay attention to your hunger cues. Many new, breastfeeding mamas eat and snack out of habit more than hunger. This is such a simple step that can have a dramatic impact on your weight loss. If you find yourself enjoying a snack while breastfeeding, but you aren't actually hungry, then it is probably best to skip the snack and chew some gum instead. Being home with a newborn can also mean more mindless snacking. There is a lot of down time, where you can't get a whole lot done, but you can grab a snack as a fun break in between all the newborn work. Once baby is ready, try getting out of the house more, or finding lower calories drinks to sip on rather than eating. You can also set specific eating times, rather than allowing yourself to eat all the time. By eating at specific times, you will learn when your body is naturally hungry, and when it isn't. Learning your hunger cues does take some time, and mental connection, but it is so much easier than following a strict diet or elimination plan. If your body is actually hungry, that means it is ready for nutrients, which leads us into the next tip.

Focus on nourishing food - rather than cravings:

It is extremely important to consume nourishing foods while breastfeeding. Nutrient demands are much higher during breastfeeding and postpartum healing, so you need to put quality food into your body. What are nutrient-dense foods? Stay focused on lean protein, veggies, fruits, and natural carbohydrate sources like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa and seed-based breads. Nuts, seeds and beans are great too. Dairy can be a wonderful source of protein, though some babies are more sensitive to dairy proteins in breast milk. Go for lower fat dairy products like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Low-fat dairy will have higher protein per serving, and lower fat, making it a good source of protein, which is essential for weight loss! Our Milk Dust lactation protein powder is an amazing, protein-rich and nutrient-dense food that is also full of specific nutrients for breastfeeding. Milk Dust is specifically formulated to help new moms properly nourish their body, while also being able to lose weight. By offering 16 grams of protein per serving, and only 100 calories, you can drink Milk Dust in between meals mixed with milk, or as a full smoothie.

Conquer Breastfeeding Cravings With This Sugar Detox

Making nutrient-dense meals can be overwhelming and too much work with a newborn, which is why making a one-handed smoothie is often a wonderful solution! We highly recommend grabbing one of our sample packs, so you can see how Milk Dust will work for you! We've specially formulated it to ease sugar cravings, make you feel full, and boost your milk supply while you drop weight. Every time you feel hunger start setting in, make sure that you are choosing foods that will benefit your body and milk supply. Rather than a carb-heavy sandwich or bowl of cereal because it sounds good, think about 80% of your meal of snack being full of fruits, veggies and lean proteins. By filling your meals and snacks with nutrient-dense foods, there is less room for sugary or snacky foods that often lead to excess calories. By eating mainly nourishing foods only when you are actually hungry, your body will adjust to less calories, feel more nourished, and be able to let go of excess fat naturally. What about exercise? Well, the key is to move often throughout the day, rather than just a 30 min workout a few times a week.

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Finally, focus on all-day movement, rather than getting in a workout:

Many new mamas focus on getting in a 30 minute workout every day, but don't actually move much throughout the day. This can actually be more harmful than helpful when it comes to weight loss. By putting your baby in a carrier or wrap, or walking with a stroller frequently throughout the day, you end up keeping your metabolism higher. You also eat less when sitting less. It can be very tempting to sit a lot with a breastfeeding baby because of breastfeeding. But, if you want to lose the weight, without having to get workouts in, just get up and move more. Setting goals for walking 10 minutes of every hour, or wearing baby more often are super simple and really effective. Add in some postpartum exercises (like these to help heal diastasis recti), and you will start regaining strength too. The more you move throughout the day, the easier it will get to stay active throughout the day. You can end up burning more calories, by just walking more often through the day, than a 30 minute workout (depending on your workout) without even realizing it every day. By following these three focus-points while breastfeeding, weight loss can come naturally, without much real effort at all. No matter what, there is a deficit of calories needed to lose weight. These tips are going to help you naturally reduce the number of calories you are eating, while also increasing the calories you are using throughout the day. If a plan might work better for you, we have a free 10-day diet plan you can follow, and we highly recommend our Milk Dust to help you manage the hunger and cravings that can be really intense during breastfeeding. Remember to use code: LACTATION for 10% off your first order!