The Healthy Breastfeeding Snack List For Milk Supply + Weight Loss

The Healthy Breastfeeding Snack List For Milk Supply + Weight Loss

Healthy snacks are really important for breastfeeding mamas to maintain milk supply and keep from getting too hungry. Snacking is also helpful for weight loss because they keep a new mama from starving and eating anything in site.

What is the perfect, healthy snack for breastfeeding?

There is such thing as a perfect snack for a breastfeeding mama. A snack that has plenty of protein, healthy carbohydrates and a little fat is the perfect snack because of the nutritional benefits. A snack with one macro nutrient missing can leave you hungry again very soon after you snack. Of course we love protein shakes as a snack or meal for weight loss because you can keep your sugar low, protein high, and add a little bit of essential fats for your breast milk.

What to avoid when making healthy snacks while breastfeeding:

There are a good number of ingredients and nutritional facts you should avoid while breastfeeding if you want to keep your snacks healthy and filling. These include:

  • high sugar foods like jelly, granola bars and cereals
  • processed and packaged foods low in fiber and high in carbs
  • high-sugar dairy products like yogurts that claim to be healthy
  • Low-nutrient crackers with lots of processed chemicals

Creating healthy snacks while breastfeeding doesn't have to difficult if you stick to some simple rules and get creative. Here are the rules we suggest following to make healthy snacks that will keep your milk supply going strong, while also slimming your waistline.

The three rules to making healthy breastfeeding snacks:

Always have a lean protein:

Lean proteins include clean, nitrate-free deli meats, a clean protein powder, low-fat and low-sugar yogurts, light string cheese, hummus, beans and clean, wild caught tuna. These are all awesome choices for a protein, and can be created into a great snack! Did you know Milk Dust is formulated to be a quick and easy protein source, as well as nutrient-dense meal? It is specifically formulated to nourish during lactation! Each ingredient is hand-picked to ensure you have energy, no sugar cravings, antioxidants and more. The lactation blend is completely unique, and it is formulated to support your milk supply as well! 

Never forget a veggie:

Your protein needs to be combined with a veggie of some kind. Think lean and green. The world of veggies is much larger, and there are so many ways to incorporate veggies into your snacks. Carrots and cucumbers are great for dipping, lettuce can be used as a wrap, peppers are also great for dipping, and of course many herbs and greens for salads. Many grocery stores sell riced and spiralized veggies which can help with the need for a noodle or rice texture to your snack.

Keep carbs and fats minimal:

When working on making a healthy snack, keep the carbs and fats to a minimum. This leaves more room for carbs and fats in your meals, and enables you to keep burning fat as fuel in between your main meals. Snacks are an opportunity to feed your body nutrients, but you don't want them to ruin your healthy weight-loss goals. Adding some fruit, a little brown rice, or oatmeal to your snack works really well if you are needing some more substantial carbs for energy.

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Healthy snack ideas for milk supply and weight loss while breastfeeding:

Cucumber sandwiches:

Slice cucumbers and stack with a lean protein, tuna and a low-fat cheese to make a bread-free, super healthy sandwich,

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt + Berries: 

This is a great snack option, and it is very quick. Non-fat, plain greek yogurt is really high in protien, and you can add a few berries with a little honey to make it feel like a dessert snack. 

A Milk Dust Bar: 

milk dust bar

These bars are amazing! They taste like cake, are full of the same nutrients as the protein powder, increase your milk supply, and offer a quick, on-the-go snack you will love. Full of everything our lactation powder has, but wrapped up in a sweet, lovely bar full of nutrients. You can pack these on the go, which makes it easy to stick to your goals, boost lyour milk supply and keep your sugar intake low! 

Protein shakes:

best foods to increase milk supply

These are so yummy and fast. Try one of our recipes from our recipe book. The major benefit is these are sweet and satisfying, while also super quick to make. You can blend everything together one-handed if necessary!

Overnight oats:

lactation oats brownie batter

Overnight oats are cold, so they make a wonderful snack. Easy to make, and easy to grab, which is really important as a new mommy. Grab a mason jar, pour in 1/8 cup - 1/4 cup dry instant oats, pour in a cup or so of milk of choice, stir in 1/2 scoop of Milk Dust for extra lactation + protein boost, and top with some sliced fruit.

Super Greens: 

Milk Dust Super Greens is amazing for boosting nutrition and milk supply, and it may not be officially a snack, but it is a great, on-the-go option for busy mamas! It has amazing propietary blends to boost your milk supply, increase energy and support your metabolism. 

Light trail mix:

Standard trial mix is actually very high in sugar with dried fruits. You can make your own, lighter version of trail mix by using fresh berries with nuts. This provides more nutrients, less sugar, yet still a very satisfying snack. Even some dark chocolate chips mixed in is less sugar than dried fruit.

Sweet potato nachos:

sweet potato galactagogue

Homemade sweet potato chips are the best, but if you watch your portions, the packaged brands are usually pretty clean. Pile your chip with fresh pico de gallo or salsa, which is full of veggies, and you actually have a snack full of veggies. The only piece missing is some lean protein, which can come in the form of a non-fat Greek yogurt. A low-fat sour cream isn't a terrible choice, or make some nachos with a light cheese and a lot of salsa or veggies. This is very filling, and as long as it isn't drenched in high-fat cheese, it is a lit and fresh option.

Apples and peanut flour:

Peanut flour is relatively new on the market, but is a great way to have all the peanut butter without the fat. Most peanut flours mix with a few teaspoons of water, and blend into a yummy, peanut butter consistency. You can also blend your protein powder with non fat greek yogurt and a little Stevia or honey to make an awesome, creamy, protein-rich dip for your apples.

Carrots/Veggies + hummus:

Hummus is a great source of lean protein, and often comes in some really delicious flavors. You can dip so many veggies in hummus it is amazing. It also works well with the cucumber sandwiches as an alternative to cheese.

Beans and cauliflower rice:

If you are craving something more comforting, try black beans or garbanzo beans mixed with cauliflower rice. Make sure to season with your favorite seasonings and sprinkle a little low-fat cheese on top. You can find cauliflower rice in the frozen section at grocery stores, which makes it very easy to microwave and mix. This is a very filling snack, which is perfect for the snack times when you are so hungry you want a full meal.

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If you are struggling between meals, and wanting to snack a lot, you probably aren't getting enough protein.

Protein is an essential macro nutrient that we all need, especially when breastfeeding. If you aren't getting enough protein, then you may experience sugar cravings, and a constant hunger. This is why we created Milk Dust.

Milk Dust is an amazing, nutrient-dense protein powder that helps breastfeeding mamas manage sugar cravings, as well as boosting milk supply. This takes the fear out of losing weight, while also ensuring nursing mamas are getting the proper nutrients.