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Postnatal Weight Loss Supplements You Can Take

Most postpartum mamas don't realize that you can take supplements to help with weight loss after pregnancy. There are many, healthy and safe supplements that can support weight loss, milk supply and improve metabolic function. Postpartum weight loss is difficult for new moms because there are so many changes going on. New mothers need specific nutrients and nourishment to support postnatal healing and lactation. A pregnant mother takes prenatal vitamins for pregnancy, and extra vitamins are also needed for postpartum. Many times, a healthy diet isn't enough because the nutrient needs are so much greater during lactation, so additional supplements are a great help.

If you are struggling to lose the baby weight postpartum, don't worry! There are many postnatal vitamins and supplements that will help your body shed the extra weight, and even increase energy levels. Even more important, high-quality supplements are manufactured safely and in a way that allows your body to completely absorb the nutrients. For example, our Milk Dust products use folate instead of folic acid. Folic Acid is cheaper and synthetic. L-Methylated Folate, which is what we use, is already methylated for easier absorption. This is particularly important for any mamas with the MTHFR genetic mutation (many mamas have this unkowingly!). Milk Dust also offers tested and quality supplements postpartum mothers can trust. We highly encourage new mothers to always check with their health care provider when looking at a supplement, just to ensure it is a good choice for their body.

What to avoid when looking for a safe weight loss supplement for the postpartum period?

There are some important ingredients to avoid whne you ware looking into the best way to lose weight postpartum, specifically with supplements. Here is a list of ingredients you don't want to use while breastfeeding:

  • High amounts of caffeine
  • Major chemical/synthetic stimulants
  • Thermogenics (uppers which can have an affect on baby)
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose

Keeping baby safe is the top priority, and certain ingredients could effect baby's mood and energy levels, if they are passed through to the blood stream. Many of the uppers like caffeine and thermogenics suppress apptetite as well, which is why they are used in fat burners, but these are not affects you want your baby to experience. There are however, some specific vitamins that are great and safe to help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Nutrient Deficiencies Can Stop Weight Loss Postpartum:

In many cases, a postpartum mother merely needs to increase certain vitamin and nutrient intake to help with weight loss. This is because the body tends to refuse to let go of stored nutrients, when it believes it is in a deficiency. Nutrients are also essential for hormonal and thyroid function, which is the driving force behind weight gain and weight loss. For example, during pregnancy, estrogen levels increase, which tell the body to store more fat in specific areas to support a growing baby. This is why there is a normal amount of weight gain with pregnancy. On the other side, during lactation, estrogen levels drop significantly, which helps encourage the body to let go of stored fat. Unfortunately, some new moms don't experience the expected hormonal changes and results. Some mothers may have a larger nutrient deficiency postpartum, which affects the hormonal shifts. Here are some vitamins you can take to help encourage weight loss without using any weight loss specific supplements.


The Best Postnatal Vitamins To Help With Weight Loss:

Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder offers all the essential nutrients you need to nourish your body, increase milk supply and curb those sugar cravings for weight loss. It is a great, all-in-one option that also has essential protein for maintaining your muscle mass for a faster metabolism. If you don't want an all-in-one protein powder, here is a list of individual vitamins that may really help you lose the weight while breastfeeding. If you would like a free, pdf download of all the nutrients you need, and how to combat postnatal depletion, grab your free book here!.

  • Protein Powder: Protein powder is key to helping breastfeeding mothers consume enough protein, and a clean, plant-based protein powder like Milk Dust often have extra nutrients to help act as a complete postnatal vitamin. This study specifically mentions the importance of protein powder to help with weight loss, as directed by a doctor.
  • B Vitamins: A vitamin B complex consists of the different vitamin B forms, which is an essential vitamin for energy levels and iron levels. Vitamin B deficiencies are linked to anemia and low milk supply. Most importantly, vitamin B 12 is key to helping you boost your energy levels and ultimately support your metabolism
  • Vitamin C:
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

These are the vitamins most doctors agree that it is a good idea to increase your intake while breastfeeding. All of these vitamins can help increase and support breast milk supply, as well as prevent hair loss and postpartum depression. Milk Dust in particular is formulated with all of these nutrients in an effort to improve nourishment, milk production and weight loss.

If you haven't lost much weight postpartum, Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder may be a great supplement to help you on your weight loss journey, that focuses more on nourishment and lactation, rather than weight loss. Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder helps postpartum mamas get the important nutrients needed for proper hormone levels. By targeting the root causes of holding onto weight, Milk Dust can help your body balance itself and let go of the extra weight naturally.

If you are looking for more of a fat-burner or weight loss supplement, here is a great list for you to look into. Keep in mind that no matter what you choose to help you in your fitness goals, eating too many extra calories is the first place to start. Focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean protein can help you reduce your calorie intake, while still getting enough calories of course.

The Safest, Most Effective Weight-Loss Supplement For Postnatal?

There really are no weight-loss supplements for breastfeeding mothers, except the new Milk Dust Metabolism. There aren't many on the market because many of them haven't been studied during postpartum and lactation, but overall, there are some supplements that offer quality ingredients. No matter what supplement you choose, it is important to note that they all need warnings on the labels for lactation, yet you can still ask your doctor to approve and review the supplement you want to try. There are warning requiremens all supplements must have on them.

Milk Dust Metabolism:

Milk Dust Metoblism is a new supplement to the Milk Dust family. It focuses on safely supporting your metbolism with simple, clean ingredients. Milk Dust metabolism uses nutrients specifically important to postpartum and lactation, while also adding some to support metabolism

  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (treats and reduces insulin resistance)
  • Green Tea Leaf (appetite suppressant/energy - good bye breastfeeding hunger!)
  • Berbine HCL which Dr. Child describes as "one of the best supplements you've never heard of." It has positive effects on blood sugar and insulin, as well as extremely beneficial for hormonal pathways, and why it is one of the most important ingredients in Milk Dust Metabolism. The root behind not losing weight postpartum is hormonal imbalance, and Berbine is a key helper in this.
  • Resveratrol: High concentrations are found in grapes, and it is extremely powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer, supports brain function and shown to reduce blood sugar and weight in various studies.

These are the main ingredients in Milk Dust Metabolism which focus on supporting nourishment during the postnatal period, as well as acting as a helping hand for your metabolism and hormones.

Both Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder and Milk Dust Metabolism offer the nutritional support by targeting the increased nutritional needs during lactation and postpartum. When these are combined together, you have a powerful weight loss plan that is far more effective than many of the weight loss programs or trying a crash diet. When taking both Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder and Milk Dust Metabolism, you still need to follow a well-balanced diet plan. It is really important to also get real food nutrients, drink plenty of water, and start increasing physical activity when you are cleared around six weeks postpartum.

Milk Dust Meal Plan For Weight Loss and Milk Supply:

We have a free meal plan you can download to show you exactly how and what to eat while breastfeeding. Fad diets are usually detrimental to milk supply, and our meal plan focuses on small meals, whold foods and creating healthy habits. Grab this meal plan that will help you lose weight and drop pounds, and you can check out our complete Macro Diet Plan that gives you calories, macros and recipes to really help you get on your way to weight loss.

Holding on to extra weight while breastfeeding doesn't have to be the norm. By focusing on your hormonal function through nutrition, eating a healhy diet and starting some postpartum exercise, you can let go of the extra weight and feel healthy again. If you want to learn more about postnatal depletion, and how your body is affected by brith, read this article:

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